unconscious mutterings 366

It's been a very trying day... mostly because I've been unable to concentrate on anything properly...

On the up side, I found a note in my letterbox telling me that a parcel was waiting for me at the Post Office... which was handy because I also needed to send a parcel.

I love parcels...

Oh, and I increased my Fringe Show ticket count by one... young Master Josh Thomas...

Unconscious Mutterings 366...
  1. Furniture :: Chair
  2. Beauty :: Beast
  3. Sip :: Lick, Sip, Suck
  4. Block :: Head
  5. Forehead :: Palm
  6. Championship :: Derby
  7. Hurl :: Throw Up
  8. Whip :: It
  9. Destruction :: Building
  10. Leather :: Harness
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The Time Boy said...

Hadn't realised how much you loved parcels so if you can't wait till the middle of the month to see 'The End of Time', give me a hoy and I'll pop it in the post for you! Had to get family to record it for me and post it the day after it was shown in the UK...sad, but absolutely love it!! PS there was something very wrong about one of those teddy bear pics but glad your mums' so openminded. The 'Random Roy' shots were extraordinary BTW, shorts were unreal!


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