shattered saturday

parking ticket machine art by matt stuckey living ad
I am. So. Fucking. Shattered.

Seriously, four hours sleep followed by a big fat shopping Saturday... blessed Santa Maria.

My brain is mostly broken, my feet are killing me and I'm not that far away from sitting here dribbling in my shoes. That is if I was wearing shoes. I am having difficulty making a coherent sentence though, so bear with me.

We started off in the usual fashion, Supermarket Safari, and I think I maybe got a dozen things, if that... partly because I was telling me about Briefs from early this morning, but essentially my head just wasn't in the game... this may end badly later in the week, but I got stuff I really needed, so I should be okay.

Next up we went to Arndale, for reasons that escape me just currently... probably just a wander and a sticky beak... and that's pretty much all it ended up being. And the up escalator was out of service AGAIN... seriously people, just fix the fuckin thing already!

Anyway, after a quick stop off here (to pick up my camera and also so that I could change into my shorts) we headed down to the Homemaker Centre at Mile End... well, specifically to Good Guys because I wanted to look at flatscreen LCD teevees...

I read something this week saying that because of the looming threat of 3DTV, places are selling their flatscreens off cheaper. Can't say that I really saw that much evidence of that though... maybe in other places, but not Adelaide.

But there was one of the LG teevees that came as part of an "entertainment pack", although I'm not sure how "pack" it was really, since it only came with a home theatre system, also LG. I will admit I was somewhat tempted... 81cm LCD teevee, surround sound home theatre system that plays DVDs, has an iPod/iPhone dock and a subwoofer the size of a toddler, all for just over $1000. And maybe if I had been working of some of the higher levels Iwould have bought it... but I was supposedly only looking. I kinda wished I'd snapped a pic of the details for both bits of kit, then I could have Googled some product reviews and stuff.

And it would be good because currently I have the DVD/VCR, the 20 year old stereo and my digital set top box all hooked up to the teevee and each other in an ever complicating loop, so it would be nice to be able to ditch all of that and just have the one unit for all three things.

The offer only lasts until Monday though, so if I was going to do it, then I need to make my mind up tomorrow morning once I've had some sleep.

Then that would be it for appliances/technology stuff... well, except for the microwave... and if I replace that I'm going stainless steel.

So we wandered around looking at stuff in Good Guys, then took a look around Howard's Storage World. To be honest it was just too hard to make decisions about anything today, so I tended to err on the side of caution and went with the safer shopping options (or lack of purchasing altogether) wherever we went.

Our last stop was Rundle Street in the city, in search of all this parking machine ticket art...

Actually, they weren't that hard to find, but they were awesome looking. That's where the orange pic at the top of the page comes from... the other one is a piece of "living advertising" that was bolted to the wall in Synagogue Place... the only problem is I can't work out the web address... I've tried "planbio" and "planbia", but neither seems to work.

So not the best thing from an advertising perspective.

Pretty though.

As we were headed back to the car I saw this freaky little punk girl putting up Fringe posters... posters for the show "Attack of the Ginger Ninja"... so I stopped her and got a copy of the poster to give to La Ninj on Monday... should be good for some giggles. And the poster's kinda cool too.

So, yeah, that's about it... Now I just need to organise an early night....

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Martin said...

There's a so maybe that's it.

yani said...

I think you could be right Martin! Thanks!


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