a bipolar day

this image serves no other purpose than to make me feel betterI honestly can't decide if this has been a spectacularly bad or good day...

Probably that's my lack of sleep talking.

After the movie last night I pfaffed around online, got chatting to people, nearly went all the way down to Port Adelaide at 12:30am... didn't, but did end up going five minutes down the road to Prospect at 1am.

Fortunately I was on my way home again by 1:10... and I really wish I'd used the phrase "well you're not exactly my wildest dream come true"... but I didn't.

So I didn't end up getting to bed until about 2am... and it was so very, very hot all night that I had trouble sleeping... so when my alarm went off I switched it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. I then work up at around 7:30... which is around the time that I'm getting out of the shower and getting ready for work.

Thankfully I managed to have a shower, get dressed and get out of the door within about half an hour and only ended up being about 15 minutes late for work. But I didn't have time for breakfast, or much of anything else and I left home feeling distinctly absent from inside my own head.

Fortunately I had enough to do to keep myself occupied for much of the day, and filled in the rest of the time texting people inappropriately on my phone.

Which is kind of where it switched over to be a good day and led to me having an email conversation with a very attractive young man on and off for the rest of the afternoon... I also ended up speaking to other people online I probably wouldn't have done normally... and all the while I was getting things done at work.

And the email thing ended up with me going to meet said young gentleman very briefly (very, very, very briefly) after work... but long enough to know that he's gorgeous... gorge-us!

Sadly, it appears that the gentleman from Port Adelaide who seemed very enthusiastic yesterday hasn't returned my messages today... so whether I copied his number down wrong or what, I don't know...

And tomorrow we have a lunch... and Friday is the first of the Fringe shows... woohoo....

Oh, and my very sneaky ploy of putting notes in all my neighbours letterboxes paid off, I came home after the movie last night to discover a gargantuan pile of stuff on the verge outside the apartment block... so, okay, they did it a day early... but so what, it still worked! Go me! And I noticed that the Hard Rubbish Vultures have been around today too, I'm sure that about half of it was gone this afternoon when I got home.

I also gutted my old PC ready to add that to the pile of junk either tonight or tomorrow morning... and you have no idea how glad I am to see that back of the stupid thing!

So a very mixed day all up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I should shut my laptop and open the front door...

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Tom said...

Intriguing photo to accompany the post... he must have a hard job explaining the tan lines!


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