photo friday: classic, modern

modern classicDipping into the Melbourne file again... mostly because I just haven't had the opportunity to photograph too much stuff locally... but hopefully with the advent of the Fringe, that may change... cooler weekend weather helps too...

This shot (albeit with a different orientation) ended up in Ma's calendar too... but she does have a thing for towers with spires.

It's been a very long, very overheated, very trying week. And definitely a sleep deprived week too... which is probably why it was so damn trying.

I'm also a little worried, because tonight is the first of the Fringe shows I'm going along to, but it runs from 11:30pm to 1am... so I could either end up falling asleep during it or else I'm going to be somewhat crabby in the morning. Hopefully I manage to acquire a second wind at some point this evening, that would certainly be handy. Add to that that I have no idea where the hell I'm going to park. Parking, in the city, near Rundle Street, on a Friday night, after 11pm... yeah, no idea.

What else did I do with my day...
  • Bought an Autobot symbol pendant (sad, but true)
  • Went into Haighs for the first time this decade
  • Finally found the Kevin Smith movie to complete my "View Askewniverse" collection (Chasing Amy)
  • Gave some interim training to an attractive young gentleman who actually got it with minimal explanation
  • Discovered that with some minor fiddling I can slide my iPhone into the pad on the strap of my Crumpler bag... I also discovered that that doesn't make taking the bag off over my head with the speakers still in my ears any easier
  • Describing a particular workgroup as "The Kite Eating Tree" from Peanuts seriously cracked Sugarmonkey up
And that's about it really... sure there was some actual work in between all of that... but how is that important?

Now I'm off to make one of my very tasty Margherita pizza... cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, baby bocconcini... yummy...

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