fringe: josh earl vs the awwcbc book

I'm just going to come right out and say it... if you had a single digit birthday during the 1980's, or your mum had a copy of the book, then you absolutely have to go and see Josh Earl vs The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book!

I've made no secret of the fact that I chose this show solely on the name... I remember the AWWCBCB fondly from my youth, and any comedy show that was based around it sounded good to me.

Best! Decision! Ever!

The show has singing, it has dancing, it has actual real live cake, it has photos from the AWWCBCB projected the wall, it has an adorable skinny little hipster boy with self confessed lesbian hair and spray on jeans... and it definitely has laughs.

Sadly I'd forgotten all the cakes in the book, but seeing them projected on the screen definitely brought back memories given the fact that Ma made more than a few of them for me and The Cousins... including the upright piano cake for my 14th birthday... I'm such a dork.

Actually, right after the show I called Ma and asked her to bring the book down on the weekend...

Even the countdown to the start of the show has cake... number cakes counting down, which I'd also forgotten were in the book (and which was La Cousina's 14th birthday cake, complete with marshmallow Frangipani).

But enough about cakes...

One of the funniest parts (other than seeing all the really weird looking cakes) was the section where he used a conversation with his mum and turned it into a rap... but there were a lot of highlights, Josh is one funny guy.

So big fat check in the Highly Recommended column!

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