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batman beginsOkay... so, just came back from Batman Begins... hmmm... Not completely sure we really needed ANOTHER go at the Batman story... kid loses his parents, emotionally traumatised, dark persona, blah blah blah... that bit I found a little dull, but the actual "becoming", finding the technology, and the car, and the cave, that was cool.

And Cillian Murphy, my god he's hot... those big big big blue eyes... *sigh whimper drool*. One of those, wrapped and delivered, thanks...

The movie did suffer a little from both too much plot (okay, so he's bad, and he's working for him, and that other guy is also working for them, and then that guy from there is actually the one who is the guy with the stuff... or something) and too many stars... Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe and Tom Wilkinson... c'mon... its a little excessive. And whoever thought Michael Caine, the charming cockney bricklayer was right for an English butler, I have no freakin idea. I am happy to say though, that Morgan Freeman did steal EVERY scene he was in.

The other problem was that, like (far too) many movies, it seems to suffer from "The Bourne Shakes"... too much close up, sharply edited, shakey camera movements during fight scenes... and when Batman, dressed in black, with a hood, is fighting ninjas, dressed in black with a hood... in dark alleyways... well, you get the idea. Pull back a little already, let us actually SEE what's happening, rather than trying to make us "be in the moment" or whatever it is they're supposedly trying to do.

yani's rating: 2 traumatised billionaires out of 5

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