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just say no websiteNow don't get me wrong... comments on blog posts are good. I like comments. I would like more comments (it would convince me that somebody other than me is actually seeing my blog).

What I don't like are spam comments!

Today I got three... all on yesterday's Random Hotness post (not sure if there's some kind of sign in that). They all started nicely... "like your page", "your blog is fantastic", "definately going to bookmark you", etc, etc.

Then it turns out that one is for some business site, one is for auto parts (me, autoparts... have you heard the one about a fish needing a bike?), and one is for phentermine (I didn't even know what it was... I had to Wikipedia it.


This isn't the first one of these spam comments I've gotten... I got one ages ago, but just deleted it straight away. My email is regularly full of spam... and even though I have a pretty good spam filter program running (thank you SpamBayes), it still means I have to check that nothing good has wandered into the spam folder and delete the garbage that's there.

Why do people have to spam things? Why? You go over there to your little corner of the internet and do your thing, and I'll stay here in my little corner doing my thing... if I want to find autoparts or buy viagra or view live nude whatevers, well, that's what Google and A9.com are for...

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