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I really did need the day off this week... thank goodness for Adelaide Cup Day.

And it was nice just to do essentially nothing for a day.

I had one of the shows I was supposed to see on Sunday night cancel due to the rainstorm that rolled across the city last weekend. It meant that I had to rebook it for last night, but it worked out fine.

And it was also nice not to have to do the usual prep work for my lunches either.

Then Tuesday was my birthday, which has to be the most low key birthday I've had for a while... although we saw a great show, so that was nice.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet, we had a work lunch on Thursday (another reason I didn't bother making lunch for the week) which was nice.

It was Friday when the arse really dropped out of the world... nothing major, but Ma messaged me to say that she'd seen the doctor again about her shoulder and he'd told her that the operation hadn't been successful. Why it took them this long to work that out, fucked if I know, but suffice to say that it really, really flavoured my mood for the rest of the day in the colour of cranky.

I think it was frustration and being tired of the whole situation... and the fact that I'd kind of had a suspicion that something wasn't right back at the beginning of the Fringe when I discovered that Ma couldn't actively move her arm forward. That seemed like something of a red flag to me, but figured everybody involved knew more about it than me, so it should improve. Turns out, no... as always, I should just believe my gut reaction to things, since it's usually essentially correct (okay, maybe not, but I feel like it's true more often than not).

So, yeah, Friday was... more difficult than it needed to be. But I had two Fringe shows after work, so at least I wasn't sitting around stewing about things. Weirdly, the show I had cancel on me (Elixir) then got moved to an hour earlier, thankfully the nice folks at Fringe sent me a text message to let me know, so I didn't miss it.

But with one thing and another it was about 2am before I got to bed, so it was a bit of a late start this morning.

And that meant a much busier supermarket. Plus I needed to work out what the hell I was going to make for lunches in the coming week (it's going to be some kind of salad, but even though I've bought all the individual elements, I still have no idea what type of salad it's going to be).

Then it was back here, unpack, relax for about half an hour and then I was off to pick up Ma for our final Fringe show of the season.

But first we took a trip to Target to wander somewhat aimlessly and buy a few bits and pieces... then a stop at Haighs to pick out our Easter eggs for each other (even though Easter isn't until the middle of April), then back here for a while.

Given that the last show was at Holden Street, it made the most sense to stop off in North Adelaide for dinner, and we went to one of the places we used to go on semi-special occasions... but just being in North Adelaide and no longer living there, and the fact that the restaurant has obviously changed hands, or at the very least changed their menu, meant that the whole trip was both bittersweet and a little disappointing.

Also, this will be the last time for at least a month that I will be having Chicken Schnitzel... it's been my "go to" meal for pretty much every meal we've eaten out this Fringe. I didn't mean for it to be, but it just kind of worked out that way.

The meal itself wasn't bad, and it was presented quite nicely (I should have taken a photo... I mean my phone was out on the table at the time and everything).

After that it was time to head to Holden Street.

And then after the play, I drove Ma home again. I will say that I won't miss the "up and back, up and back" of the last four Saturday nights, or even the "up and back" of a couple of the Tuesdays for the past month.

In fact, there is a lot of things I'm not really going to miss about the last few weeks, although the shows themselves are not amongst them.

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