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Remember all the fun I had last week trying to cram too much week into my week?

Well it turns out that at least one part of that was a waste of time. My rental inspection.

I sent them an email on the Thursday just to say "hey, did you do it, because you didn't say anything"... then Monday they get back to me "no, we seem to have lost the spare keys, but we didn't remember to tell you either that we had lost them or that we weren't coming, because whoops". To which I say "WTF".

So I've had a spare set of keys cut, I dropped them into their office and now I have to make sure the apartment is ship-shape again this weekend for next Tuesday.

True, I don't have to do a whole lot and I have the holiday Monday to make use of, but even so, WTF.

Otherwise this week has been a bit blah.

I made a fairly excellent risotto as my week-long lunch... I took an existing recipe for an essentially vegetarian risotta and added chicken, bacon and chorizo to it, and it was pretty damn tasty, even by the end of the week (a little gloopy, yes, but still good).

Do you want to know what my second least favorite thing about living in my current apartment is? Not being able to wander down the street at any old time and find at least somewhere that I can get food. I mean, yes, there are places, but they're not as easy to get to. And for the record, my least favourite thing is the traffic/traffic noise.

This Saturday we only had two Fringe shows, but Ma wanted to run a bunch of errands and I needed some new slip on shoes...

As I was headed to the the supermarket I happened to think how weird it was that even though I've cycled through a number of different times that I end up going to the supermarket since I've been flying solo, that I never run into my friend who lives just around the corner. And yes, you guessed it... I ran into him not five minutes later. Weird.

I did a very, very minimal shop this week... I really don't need anything and I've decided I'm just going to buy my lunch this week, as I'll only need three days worth.

Then it was back here, unpack, wash some dishes, then off to Ma's to deliver her shopping and pick her up.

I don't think I've mentioned it previously... but thank the gods for podcasts... they keep me relatively sane on the drive to Ma's place to pick her up, and the drive back here after I've dropped her off again.

Anyway, I pick up Ma and we went off to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre to buy Ma a fridge. She really, really, really needs a new one, the old one has to be in excess of 30 years old... 20 at the absolute minimum.

And now she's the owner of a shiny new LG one, which is going to be delivered to her place tomorrow... and they'll even set up the new one and take the old one away.

We wandered around the rest of the complex a little, but only really poked our noses in a couple of places... then headed back towards my place, stopping briefly in Norwood to pick some stuff up, then headed off to Target so I could look for shoes.

My probably with shoes currently is my feet seem to be getting wider, which is a pain, because they were already wider than the average. So I ended up getting a size larger than usual, which meant that fit perfectly width wise but are actually too damn long. They're functional though and that's all that matters.

We did a little bit of other random shopping, then came back here to relax for a little bit before we had to head out.

And then we were off... after the first show was over we had a wander and then went for some dinner at Schnithouse on Rundle Street... which was really, really busy, but the food was great.

Then we wandered down to Gluttony to try and work out a way to fill the time in... which we did by watching the guy who puts on free shows on a little stage, as well as watching the passing tide of humanity... fortunately the same humanity caused us to leave the spot we'd staked out to wander around, which was when we saw that the line was already starting for our second show... which was good because it ended up being stupidly long, and we ended up with a front row seat (essentially, there were multiple "front" rows, but I think we were in one of the best spots.

And then it was back down the road to Ma's, then home again, home again.

It's too damn late to write up the reviews for the shows now (it's currently just past 1am, but I am going to backdate the post to earlier), so I'm heading off to bed and I'll deal with all that and the other half dozen or so things I need to do tomorrow (yes, technically today).

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