fringe: unplotted potter

adelaide fringe: unplotted potter
Rita Skeeter (born 1951) is a witch journalist (and unregistered Animagus) who worked for the Daily Prophet.

At some point after Harry Potter "retired to the Bahamas", according to Improv Adelaide's Unplotted Potter, she started working with the Wizarding Police, took on a writing apprentice named Marius and was given a quill that caused whatever was written to come true... all while being marked for death by the Wizard Mob and pursued by a mysterious masked dark wizard (who turns out to be one of Neville Longbottom's children).

And that's what happens when the name of a minor character from the Harry Potter universe is drawn out of a very, very tiny Goblet of Fire and everyone on stage improvises a show based on that name.

This is our second time seeing Unplotted Potter and naturally it's a very different show.

As always, improv shows are about the cast, and there were many returning faces... Eden Trebilco as Marius and the head of the Wizarding Mob, Curtis Shipley doing a turn as a broomstick, Jarrad Parker as both a mobster and the editor of the Daily Prophet... I didn't catch the names of the two women, one of whom played Rita and the other who did an interesting turn as a Ministry employee very concerned about Animagus poop.

The new face, at least for me, was Sam who took on roles as both one of the mobsters and the masked wizard who turns out to be a Longbottom. I think if I was picking Best in Show (wait, is that just for dogs... now that seems horribly insulting... let's go with it anyway) it would have to be Sam. He managed to direct the story at a couple of key junctures (including inventing the whole "quill that makes things happen" subplot) and made it all the more interesting. Also he does a mean set of Quick-Quotes quills.

I will say that I think the story got away from everyone a little more this time than it has in previous shows I've seen. Which isn't a complaint, it's just what happens when everyone is making the story up on the spot.

It was still a very funny show, and one I would recommend to any Harry Potter fan.

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