fringe: sound and fury's sherlock holmes

adelaide fringe: sound and fury's sherlock holmes
In the past five years I've seen Sound and Fury tackle:
This time they're off to jolly old Victorian England to take on Sherlock Holmes.

There has been a murder and Sherlock Holmes is going to put all of his considerable intellect and deductive reasoning into finding a solution. Except, in the grand tradition of Without A Clue, Sherlock is an idiot.

If you've never been to a Sound and Fury show, what have you been doing with your life? If you have, this is the same level of barely controlled insanity we've come to expect from them.

Richard Maritzer and Patrick Hercamp have returned without their erstwhile companion Ryan Adam Wells who is off touring his music show in the US, but they are ably assisted by honorary Furian and Perth native Shane Adamczak once again.

Shane makes a great replacement for Ryan, and brings a completely different energy to the group, which is always exciting.

I'm never completely sure when it comes to a Sound and Fury show what is intentional rehearsed mayhem and what is seat of their pants improvisation... and I think that Sherlock Holmes contains both in equal measure. Although I really couldn't tell you which was which. I will admit that I like it best when they manage to run each other off the rehearsed rails (which most often happens to Richard... normally caused by Patrick) and into a moment of incredulity and stunned silence.

The humour, as always, floats on that line between highly sophisticated and really, really dirty (often using one to get to the other), which I clearly adore. There's cross-dressing, a blow up doll, some really outrageous costume changes, excellent pipe work and an audience participant (who in this case was outstandingly good... like if she's not already doing a show, she should totally get involved, even if she did keep getting her script pages muddled up).

And as I think I've said in every review of them so far, one of the things that I like most about Sound and Fury is how welcoming they are and how much they seek to make a connection with the audience during the "pre-show portion of the show". They welcome you inside the joke and that makes all the difference.

As always, time spent with Sound and Fury is a very good time, and very well spent.

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