fringe: puppetry of the penis

adelaide fringe: puppetry of the penis
I just spent 75 minutes of my evening sitting in a large wooden box, surrounded by women (with the odd incidental husband/boyfriend and a smattering of homosexuals) watching two grown men play with their genitals.

Yep, that's right... I saw Puppetry of the Penis. Or, as they refer to it during the performance... The Dick Show.

I've been wanting to go and see it for a few years, but it was only this year that the guys, Barry Bisco (left) and Rich Binning (right) really caught my attention and I knew the timing was right.

By every definition and metric it is a weird ass show. There's no other Fringe show that I've seen in the last 129 shows (oh yeah, this was also my 130th Fringe show) that was just dick from beginning to end. And no other show where the guys were just playing with the genitals the whole time. Plus straight women do tend to get very... enthusiastic and excitable... when naked men are involved.

There is just something odd about watching guys contort their penises into all manner of shapes and configuration... for example, the Eiffel Tower, the hamburger, the sailboat, the Loch Ness Monster, the snail, the Kanye and the Drumpf (which were essentially the same joke with different props), the baby bird, the ladies and the wristwatch. And you can pretty much imagine what most of those involve.

It's not that I think they're hurting themselves... guys all know just how stretchy and elastic a flaccid penis can be, but there's some definite above and beyond stretching going on.

It was incredibly funny though... some parts more than others if I'm honest, which is only to be expected, but it did have me laughing for the majority of the show.

Of the two guys, I have to say that I had much more of a fondness for Rich... there's just something about his cheeky smile and just the way that he played with the audience... not to mention all of that body (and those great tattoos).

Oh and full kudos to the young guy who was sitting near me in the audience who got up and dropped trou to participate in the hamburger. It was a good looking burger, although I was amused and impressed that he didn't give a shit after the trick was over and just flashed the whole audience his unburgered junk and he got dressed again. Woohoo for bonus penis.

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