fringe: barbu

adelaide fringe: barbu
Barbu is absolutely amazing and completely insane in equal measures.

I don't even know where to begin... a live band, bearded men in swimwear, a Cyr wheel mirror ball man, magic tricks, acrobatics, ping pong balls, a four way Chinese pole routine, a hamster (Milette), rainbow ribbons, roller skates, incidental nudity, beer!

You may have been lucky enough to see the four bearded men, Antoine Carabinier Lépine, Jonathan Casaubon, Francis Roberge and Jean-Philippe Cuerrier rollerskating their way through the city advertising their show. That was pretty much my first introduction to the world of Barbu last year.

Lépine, Casaubon, Roberge and Cuerrier are all also amazing acrobats and performers, from the moment them come out of stage on rollerskates and weave their way across the stage, I was mesmerised. And they hadn't even gotten to the swimwear portion of the show.

Once they did there was so much raw masculine power in that room. From Roberge and a beer keg to Lépine and Cuerrier trading ping pong balls through the air to Casaubon and Cuerrier and their gold beach ball, they all showed power, grace, humour, skill and made the whole thing both amazing to watch and pretty damn sexy.

I will say that my heart belonged to both Roberge with his mohawk and Cuerrier with his sock suspenders, but everybody was a joy to watch.

Way out on the insane side of the equation was comic relief and hamster owner Lucas Jolly who filled in between the other acts while they were getting ready... but who also was a major part of the show's finale.

I was also incredibly impressed by the Genevièves, Gauthier and Morin. Gauthier did some amazing work with the aerial hoop, and made it look both beautiful and powerful all at the same time and she and Morin did amazing balancing work together. Watching Morin and Lépine to an acrobatic routine still on rollerskates was amazing to watch as well.

There really aren't enough words to do Barbu justice... it has to be seen.

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