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Things I did this week...

  • wrote a job application
  • cleaned my house for a rental inspection
  • had a meeting with the new employment agency contact
  • went to three Fringe shows
  • drove up and down the road to Ma's place twice (including today)
  • got my hair cut
  • went out for drinks with The Nuthouse.
It doesn't sound like all that much, but there was almost literally not enough week for the amount of shit I had to pack in it and I'm all kinds of emotionally shattered. Like I said last week I'd forgotten that the inspection was this week, so I'd intended to write my job application on Sunday, and I had to instead split my focus between the two and leave parts of the house cleaning until later in the week. Which would have been fine had I not had something of an emotional breakdown trying to write the application.

Partly that was due to the fact that those things are never just written in plain English... and I had to write 1500 words in response to things that made no sense. In the end I got to around 900 words, and then took it into work and spoke with La Ninj since she's no longer involved in the process, she gave me some good advice, I reworked some stuff, added other things that made sense, copy and pasted various things from the last time I did one of these things and got it to just shy of 1500 words.

I then put it in on Thursday. There was some additional internal mental drama around filling out the supporting documentation, but I kind of knew that was A Thing. Still doesn't stop it from being drama.

Now I guess it's just mine to lose. I've been doing the job for almost three years, I quite literally wrote the book (well, the process document) on how to do the job. And if it turns out that I don't get it for some reason, I will print out the process document, either hand it to the new person or simply leave it on the desk and walk out. Because fuck that noise.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think my current offsider is also applying for the job. If he isn't and the application document I saw him working on on Friday is for something else completely, then fine, I owe him an apology inside my head at least... but if he is, why the fuck wouldn't you just say something. I also can't really blame him for putting in an application, but at the same time I really want to... and doubly so because he hasn't had the decency to say something about it.

It also turns out that I know all three people who are going to be on the interview panel. I expected to know two of them and for the third to be a stranger, but no, turns out I know all of them. Not completely sure if that helps or not, but let's go with it being an advantage.

Tuesday was a big evening, with two Fringe shows back to back and then I had to drive Ma all the way home. Thankfully she came in on the train though and I met her at the Royal Croquet Club. But I didn't get home until almost midnight.

Wednesday was Haircut Day and also Tink Has A New House Day. Fortunately it isn't that much further away though. I finally made all the correct words about what I actually wanted from my hair colour... I kept not getting it quite right, at least since she'd been away, so while my previous hair did make other people comment, that wasn't really what I was looking for (by contrast, nobody said a damn thing this time, which I kind of prefer).

Thursday was my inspection day... and I think it went well, unlike the last couple of times nobody left me any kind of communication to say that it was all good or not, so I don't really have a clue.

I also had a late Fringe show, which I really should have left for earlier than I did... I had to rush as quickly as possible from where I parked the car to the Garden and then was at the end of a long line of people. It wasn't a major disaster, but I could have been closer to the action if I'd just gotten my crap together earlier. Kind of the story of my life just at the present to be honest.

Friday was actually a really slow day. Mostly because I decided to take it slowly after having been through the wringer for the rest of the week, but fortunately there wasn't anything that stopped that from happening. And then we went out for drinks after work... and I discovered Pimms. Yes, I know, it's been around for a while, but it was sitting there on tap right in front of me, and it just sounded like a good idea.

Granted there was only one of the bar staff who really knew what the fuck they were doing when they made it up for me with orange and lemon and lime peel and whatever else he did (and he charged me slightly less than the others too)... whether that had anything to do with me talking about Puppetry of the Penis with someone from work when I went to the bar, I don't know.

It wasn't a late one, but I couldn't be bothered walking home, so I took my slightly tipsy self off to the bus. Of course because of stupid damn Clipsal it took longer than usual to get home.

This morning was what has become the new standard Saturday... I got up, I got ready, I went to the supermarket, I did my shopping and Ma's shopping, I forgot at least one thing that one of us wanted, I came back here and unpacked. We didn't have any shows until 2pm today (Festival, not Fringe), so I hung out here for a while before I packed up the car and headed off to Ma's. Essentially I drove down there, gave her her stuff and we got back in the car and came back here again. There wasn't a lot of time to spare, so we made a quick stop here for tickets and whatnot and then headed into the city for the show.

Then afterwards we came back here to hang out until it was time for the evening shows.

First show we only just got to it in time, which is a habit I don't enjoy, but at least we didn't have to do a lot of useless hanging around. Between that show and the third show of the day we went across to Gluttony for some food. There may have been better choices/options if we'd tried anywhere else, but we had yiros and it was nice enough.

Then we headed over to wait for the last show, saw that, resisted the urge to punch the people in the row behind us who seemed to think that they were part of the show, left, drove Ma home, had a very lovely and chilled (and, yes, quite cute) drunk dude engage me in conversation from the back seat of the taxi he was in when it pulled up next to us at the traffic lights, came back here and called it a night (okay that last bit isn't in the least bit true, I came back here and proceeded to finish this post which I started when we came back here earlier, then I have to do the write-ups for the three shows).

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