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It's been a very, very different week this week...

Firstly, no Fringe shows, so I was at home every night this week (and there is a round up post coming, I've just been taking a few days off). So I've played a bit of Lego Dimensions, I've tried to catch up on some of the Acquisitions Incorporated YouTube videos, I actually cooked food three times this week with varying results.

And I realised this morning when I got in the car that I haven't used it since last Saturday.

Work is mostly slow at present, but next week I have an interview for my job... which is slightly terrifying. Not the interview itself, just the idea that I might not get the job that I've been doing for the last two and a half years. My current offsider is also applying for the job, so in essence he's probably my only majorly serious competition. Like I said previously, I don't mind that he applied, I would have 100% have done the same thing in his position, but I am more than a little irked that he never told me he was. I saw him completing the application and I finally asked him this week, because I hate not knowing stuff I already know (along with people thinking they can actually keep things from me).

The thing that worries me is this wouldn't be the first time that the person actively doing the job didn't get the job. Yes, usually the correct person has gotten the job, but we'll see I guess.

Cross your fingers for me on Wednesday.

You want to know what I am sick of this week? Guys online who get halfway through a conversation with you and then just stop... or worse yet, say they want to meet and then disappear or arrange a time and a place and then just disappear.

Mostly that last one... if you've gotten to that point of saying you'll meet when you have no intention of doing so, then you sir, are an fucking asshole. If you do it at another other point before that you're just varying degrees of rude, which I can completely cope with. I also never understand what they get out of that situation... I'm clearly interested, you say you're interested... you agree to meet, when you don't meet, you disappear, sometimes deleting your whole profile and then go back to, I don't know, eating Pringles and jerking off to Tumblr porn or whatever you were doing before you decided to fuck with my life.

I think I may have been even more annoyed and sensitive to it today because a) I was hungover as fuck (more on that in a minute), and b) one of the assholes who did it to me started messaging me while I was being stood up the first time. Thank you very fucking much.

Anyway, like I said, I'm a little grumpy today.

We went out for drinks after work last night... H-San is going on extended leave overseas, so we went out to celebrate and wish him a bon voyage. At some point I did lose track of the number of drinks I had... but I only bought myself one, then other people kept offering to buy me one and I kept saying yes. I think it was somewhere in the more than 6, less than 10 bracket.

Granted that was between about 4:30 and 8:30, so while I definitely knew I was approaching the land of drunk, I wasn't a hot mess.

And I got to catch up with a couple of people we don't always see that often, which was nice. Also, the guy who was spending most of the time behind the bar and was also in my line of sight for most of the evening was cute as fuck.

I couldn't be bothered walking home afterwards, so I went and caught the bus, got home, drank a bunch of water, faffed about for a bit and then went to bed. And slept pretty badly I have to say. Which wasn't related to the booze I don't think as I've slept badly on and off all week.

I was up relatively early, did my shopping relatively early, which was fine, but it was all in aid of making time for someone who didn't then bother showing up. But moving on.

When it became clear that the morning wasn't going to work out the way I expected, I packed up and went to Ma's.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting to still be doing this at this stage... but you play the cards you're dealt.

Much like before the Fringe, I went down there and we ended up going to the shopping centre. To be honest, the original plan was to go to the movies, but it seemed like everybody had gone crazypants in Ma's neighbourhood... it was really hard to get a park at the shops, there seemed to be people everywhere, and when we got around to the movie theatre people were queued up out the door. I do not for the life of me understand why... there were a couple of movies all starting at the same time, but I've never seen it so damn busy.

So we gave it up as a bad idea and wandered around the shops instead. We were going to head back for the next session, but I really wasn't in the mood by that point, so we had some lunch and then we called it a day.

We did drop all of the refundable recycling off on the way back to Ma's place though, and made $18.20 from the plethora of iced coffee containers and other bottles I'd been taking to Ma's since before she injured her shoulder.

And then it was back here for more douchbaggery.

So we're back to our regularly scheduled programming I guess.

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