rainy wandering saturday shopping

Today worked out pretty well, even if we did get rained on a few times.

I got up reasonably early this morning and changed my bedding and did a general tidy up. While I was doing that I happened to flick the TV on, which isn't something I normally do, and caught the second half of a Roger Moore movie from 1970, The Man Who Haunted Himself. With an actor who didn't have the emotional range of a teaspoon, it could have been genuinely spooky, but, yeah... good old Roge (and slightly telling that he considers it to be his best ever performance according to IMDB).

I did miss the last ten or so minutes due to having to jump in the shower.

If I'd realised how today was going to end up I might have worn my new grandpa lumberjack cardigan and a beanie...

Anyway, we did the usual shopping thing... although it wasn't that much of a haul for me, partly because there's still a bunch of stuff left in my fridge from last week.

I did get enough ingredients to make ALL the bacon, potato and leek soup though, so that should be entertaining tomorrow evening.

Doubly so because I'll have spent the whole day tidying the house to prepare for my inspection next week. And if I make a mess of the stove I won't be a happy bunny.

Everything we wanted to do today was in the city, so after the usual unpacking, paper reading and the like we headed into town to kill some time for an hour before other things started happening at noon.

We dropped into T2 because I wanted to get some tins to keep my tea in, but the ones I wanted are ones they no longer appear to stock, which is annoying. I did have an amusing conversation with one of the girls in the store... I'm pretty sure she's the one that I spoke to the last time I went in there I let her drag me around the store a little trying out all manner of things... but also because just like last time she mistook me for another customer, someone who works in the hospital.

Go clearly I have a doppelganger in the medical profession... which theoretically makes him the good twin and me the bad twin since he's all helpful and shit.

Anyway, I bought a tea tin and a very expensive fancy teaspoon (if I'd known how much it actually cost I might not have bothered, but I only realised after the fact), plus she gave me some fancy samples which technically aren't being released until Monday. Granted every time I've had samples before it's been some variation on disappointing, but we'll see.

From there we mostly pottered around in the Mall... I bought new cheapass beanie from Kmart and the checkout machine gave me change from a $50 in $5 notes, which, while annoying actually came in handy later.

Then we headed back to the car and shifted it around to Hindmarsh Square to go and see Cameron's exhibition (and Josh)... actually it turned out to be mostly Josh, because we spent about ten or fifteen minutes talking about the art and we were in the gallery for two hours.

From there we headed off to The Market Shed on Holland... they were having a Twilight Market... which, somewhat oddly, started at noon. And had we gone there before we went to see Josh it might have been different, but the place was fairly packed. And there was far too much hipster/hippy alternafood happening.

Just to give a precise snapshot of that vibe, while we were there there was literally a couple in their twenties walking around with brightly coloured crotched blankets around their shoulders. And on the other side, those kind of people who would call their kid Tarquin and never own a television.

So, yeah, I felt decidedly out of place... hence why the cardigan and beanie may have come in useful as camouflage.

We did get a few bits and pieces to eat... nothing mindblowing to be honest, but pleasant enough.

By the time we were heading back to my place it was almost 4pm, and I hadn't picked up my pants from the drycleaner, which closes at 4... and it was actually closed when I got there... but the woman who works on weekends was standing behind the counter. If it had been one of the women who work there on weekdays I would have been fine, they know me, I'm a regular, but this one doesn't and she was a little grumpy about having to open the door and find my pants.

But she did it, and that's the main thing.

So that was it really... I spent more money than I'd intended to today, mostly on food items.

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