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This is going to be a reasonably short one... it's late, I have a thumping headache and I'm sleepy...

It's not been to bad a week... although I somehow managed to eat chicken schnitzel for three different dinners. The first of those was at a somewhat new place, Schnit House, on Rundle Street. Amusingly, they're working the whole "schnit" angle pretty hard... what with schnit heads, lazy schnits and full of schnit all on the menu... it's actually fairly amusing. And the schnitzels are pretty good too.

Oh, yes... please let me fanboy for just a brief moment... the new Assassin's Creed has been announced! And it's set in Victorian era London... YAAAAAAY *Kermit flail*. They leaked some early images about it and I was excited enough then, but now that it's really real I'm properly fanboying like crazy!

It does mean that I need to still have a job come October though, because while I can preorder the game now, I also need to buy the new PS4 to actually play the thing. I'm leaning towards self funded Xmas present at this stage.

Work has been a little bit craycray. Although it's been a little bit LOTSLOTSLOTS nothingnothing LOTSLOTSLOTS. And I kind of wasted today away with two earlyish meetings and then reviewing a policy and a guideline for the rest of the day. Not that that was technically a waste, but it was probably stuff that I could have left and worked on during the slower periods.

Then tonight I headed along to Alliance Française d’Adelaide for my buddy Josh's new curated show, Mademoiselle. And for the first time I discovered what happens if you actually stick around all the way through the art show... mostly you end up talking to a collection of very odd individuals... enthusiastic individuals, but odd, decidedly odd. Actually some of them are just plain strange.

And weirdly, I ended up having two very enthusiastic conversations, but not about art as one would have expected... no, one was about work and the other was about Sydney.

But that pretty much ended up being my whole Friday night...

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