doing that saturday shopping thing

not the right way to shop
I never got around to doing a Friday post yesterday, partly due to a slight obsession with watching a playthrough of the Fallout 3 video game on YouTube...

And really there wasn't a whole lot of anything to mention... other than the fact that at a certain point during the week everyone at work got a little needy...

It was more than just that they wanted me to do things, it was things outside the norm and also the repetition of things. I had almost the exact same conversation about online survey tools with three separate people in two days.

But on the up side, I did get a couple of parcels I was waiting for during the week... and then sent a parcel off to Miss Oh along with a nice long rambley message inside a card I happened to have lying around. Hopefully she'll like the book.

I was a little bit slack over the last couple of days, so the apartment was a little bit of a mess, and I fully intended to get up nice and early, make myself a hot beverage and get to work tidying up.

Alas, that didn't actually happen, at least not the early part or the beverage part. Instead I overslept and then got up and scrambled around to get everything tidied and put away, including changing my bedding, before Ma arrived. Thankfully, like the old place, it doesn't really take all that long to tidy up this place, especially since about half of the mess was just clean dishes that I hadn't gotten around to putting away.

But I was still getting dressed when Ma arrived.

The shopping portion was about the same as usual... although I decided I was going to make some regular chicken soup this week, after the very successful Chicken and Chorizo Minestrone soup I made last week (which I need to revisit again, but with less pasta, more stock and real life actual chorizo instead of the sausages/salami I had to substitute) that I want to try my hand at making some proper chicken soup... but totally sans any kind of noodle or pasta, since that's always what absorbs all the liquid and screws it up for me.

After that we had a wander around Target... and I will just say a general "fuck you" to Target currently... I don't know if they're reducing the amount of menswear generally, but I know that they've drastically reduced the amount of clothing in my size range. So a decided "fuck you" there.

Normally we would have been off to Bowerbird Bazaar today, but neither of us were particularly bothered... sure there are occasionally interesting things, but I miss the days when it was a little tiny thing in a small venue and a little bit underground (not literally)... and while it was busy, it wasn't quite so intense and crowded. Yeah, I know, #firstworldproblems... and also a combination of hipster "I liked it before it was cool" and old people "get off my lawn/things were better in the old days".

We ended up deciding to head into the city, Ma wanted a couple of new watch batteries, and I really didn't have any better suggestions.

As usual when we don't really have a proper plan, we just ended up wandering from Rundle Street all the way up the Mall and then back again. But Ma got her watch batteries, I got some cheap sheets of cardboard sheets from Spotlight thanks to their escalating discounts.

Then we stopped off at Burger Theory and sampled their new Burger of the Month, the Honky-Tonkatsu... panko crusted pork steak, cabbage, kewpie mayo and tonkatsu sauce. So damn good! Tender and crunchy and spicy and just yum.

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