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not all superheroes wear capes
I know I've said it before, but I'm generally pretty lucky at this time of year... Ma, for a seeming myriad of reasons... including the fact that her birthday is only a month away, general dislike of commercialisation and the fact that traditionally it's celebrated on a different day back in England, is not really down with Mother's Day. So I don't have to do any additional running around with presents or special plans or the like.

Which is all well and good, but I did stop off after work yesterday and get her some of the Dark Jasmine Green Tea Ganache and Milk Earl Grey Tea Ganache from the Mother's Day range at Haighs.

But first I did my usual early morning tidy up, decided that it was too damn cold outside for an amusing teeshirt and just went with my Bonds hoodie sweatshirt.

Oh, and speaking of amusing teeshirts, I got a reply about my crappily printed tee that I mentioned yesterday... an awesome answer in fact. And I quote... "I just ran down to check the warehouse and was able to find an additional shirt in the design. The replacement shirt will be shipped out to you this afternoon." How's that for some customer service.

Anyway, today I quite literally got downstairs to the street just as Ma was pulling up outside the building, which is still somewhat weird, even though it happens more than you'd think.

The supermarket portion of the morning was fairly standard... although I ended up getting less from the veg section since I'm trying a different soup recipe this week... Pea and Prosciutto soup, which seems to most consist of stock and frozen peas. The only thing I'm slightly worried about is if there will actually been enough to last me through the week. Having said that, I think I'll survive with slightly smaller portions.

When we got back to my place and I'd put everything away, we got slightly sucked into a total car crash of a movie from the 1950's...partly because it was so very bad, partly because we really didn't have a plan for the day.

Eventually we decided to head out to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre, mostly because Ma was in the market for some new cutlery.

I really do think there must be a market out there for a range of reasonably priced, simply designed, and most of all, nicely weighted cutlery that just comes in a loose range rather than a set... because the range that we saw today wasn't overly impressive. And weirdly, while a lot of the knives are quite heavy and nicely weighted, the matching forks feel very light and spindly.

Anyway, we didn't find anything that Ma liked, so after a bit of a wander and poke around we went next door to JB Hifi just to wander around and have a look. Which turned out to be a good thing, since they were having a sale and I managed to get the first four seasons of Adventure Time (plus the latest season of Doctor Who for Ma's birthday... or Christmas, I haven't decided yet).

We also had a quick poke around the Spotlight store down there and then gave up.

We really didn't have a plan beyond that, but kind of made up some directions on the spot and ended up at the new Churchill Road shopping centre, which is also the location of our only Costco... to be honest the combination of the Costco and the cheap petrol station makes just getting into the car park a bit of a nightmare... they clearly didn't think very hard about all of that when they were putting the place together.

Anyway, we had a wander around Kmart, Ma found some cheap but fairly decent cutlery, and we had a slightly amusing but mostly pointless wander around one of the cheap shops before we headed off.

We decided to come back to North Adelaide and grab some lunch from Perrymans... because as I said to Ma, while I love it, it's not actually a place that I go very often, weirdly enough.

And that was about it really... although we do really need to get better at finding things to do on Saturdays...

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