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There was no Friday post because Friday was Work Drinks Night... and I couldn't be arsed by the time I got home.

I think I got less drunk than last time... partly because I switched to cider for portion of the night, and I also think that I ate more when we were there. But it was a really good night... and since I'd had a busy and slightly wearing week, it was much appreciated. It was also one of those nights where the group just naturally fell into exactly the right configuration around the table, and the mix of people was also optimal.

I did still manage to knock a drink over though... but it was my own, and it was mostly empty at the time and didn't do any damage beyond making the table a little damp.

But it was a very good night.

And beyond a little huskiness in my voice this morning, I wasn't really any the worse for wear.

There was some slight jiggerypokery around getting organised this morning, so Ma was waiting for me when I got downstairs. And for some reason (partly because I still had a lot of stuff left over from last week's shopping) I didn't end up buying too much stuff at the supermarket. Although I am going to attempt French Onion Soup this week (technically Rich Red Onion Soup, but it's essentially the same thing) after the run away success of my Moroccan Pumpkin Soup last week.

After the supermarket we did a turn around Target and I ended up trying a number of items of clothing on... mostly jackets and jumpers, because I couldn't be bothered doing the changeroom thing.

A number of the things weren't right, but I did find a red jumper and grey jumper that I liked. They aren't as soft as the ones I already have, but they are really nice all the same.

I also picked up some fingerless gloves that I really should be wearing now, given that my fingers are cold... hang on... ahhh, much better, although it's now a little harder to type. And they fit pretty well even though they're actually women's gloves.

Then it was back here to unpack before we headed into the city to the movies to see the latest Studio Ghibli movie (more on that a little later).

Afterwards we headed down to Arndale so I could grab another couple of Bonds tees (Target was out of the size/style I wanted) and also look for some more work socks.

I did get a tiny bit distracted in Big W by what I can only describe as a "grandpa cardigan with toggles"... Ma described it as both a "Outdoor Lumberjack" and what I think was her interpretation of "hipster" (hip 30yo)... I am none of those things, but it is a nice chunky cardigan and it looked pretty good on, so I bought it.

I also managed to find exactly the socks that I wanted with no drama at all.

Then we headed back here and Ma headed home. She's currently on her way back though since we're headed out to the theatre tonight for a Discworld play.

Now I just need to come up with some kind of idea about what the hell we do for dinner before the play.

So it's been a little bit of a retail Saturday, but a productive one.

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