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Today has been A Very Odd Day.

This whole week has somewhat tried my patience, but what's new really.

But today was just somewhat peculiar... starting with the fact that there didn't seem to be anyone in the office... we were actually down about nine people due to days off and whatnot. Then it was Herschel's last day before she goes off to Europe for a couple of months (having only gotten back from Europe mid way through last year)... so we had a going away afternoon tea... which technically turned into a late second lunch.

And it's always good when you can combine travel advice and Assassin's Creed into a Bon Voyage card message.

The day also started off weirdly with a spirited conversation about chopping boards (how many are too many), dishwashers (I don't believe in them) and the office kitchen (people should wash, dry and put away the fucking things they use). That was followed up later by a conversation about what you would do if you were told you had ten years left to live (consensus: it depends).

All this week there has been what I've been referring to as a wave of stupid... not a big, mass wave like a tsunami, more like a million little drops of stupid, all doing their part to wear down my already limited reserves of patience.

It's times like that that I'm glad I have workmates who know now to make me laugh... even when they're occasionally having a grumpy day too... but overall it makes things better. Plus I work with a bunch of nerds of varying flavours, which is great.

Oh, just for completeness sake... the Rich Red Onion Soup I made last week was, unsurprisingly, just fucking onions. And on top of that it only made three serves. But as least I've now tried it and I can retire those recipes. This week I'm going to attempt a potato, bacon and leek... so hopefully that'll turn out better.

Anyway, I left work at 4pm as usual this afternoon, and didn't walk into my apartment until 8pm... the main reason was because I was heading to Cameron Brideoake's art show that Josh was curating at 6pm, so I decided to just wander around the city for a while, and do a little shopping.

That turned into me preordering the next Assassin's Creed game, even though I don't actually have a console for it yet. On the proviso I'm still working come the end of the year, then I'll buy myself to console for Christmas, maybe get Ma to chip in some money in lieu of other presents. Either way, I'm more excited for this one because this is the Victorian London setting.

From there I wandered around the Mall for a while, got myself some more moisturiser, picked up some fancy things at Haighs for Ma's birthday next weekend, along with a card, and just did a bit of a general amble around.

It was a good amble though, unlike last time I didn't end up just wandering around aimlessly in circles.

Once I was done ambling I headed down to The Space Gallery for Cameron's show. It was good to see him, and his work again, even though I'd already seen the pieces in the catalogue. I also got to show him the tattoo he designed for me in person for the first time.

I stuck around for a while, got stuck talking to literally the dorkiest dude I have ever run into at any of these art shows (but Cam's shows to tend to attract a much different crowd than other shows for some reason), and eventually took myself off.

I was going to head home, but decided that I should head to Burger Theory for some dinner. But of course it's at the polar opposite end of town from where the art show was.

But I enjoyed my grilled chicken burger and left room for the peanut butter and jelly slice frozen custard concrete. A mouthful to say, but a very tasty mouthful.

And that was it really... after I'd finished I wandered on home.

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