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window curlstea rooms

one seventeentile tower
This week has been less of a "needy" week like last week, but it's been much more of a "DO ALL THE THINGS" week.

So much so that it took me two days to get around to making five minutes worth of edits in a document.

But it's good to be busy... I'd just enjoy being a tiny bit less busy so I could actually manage to do everything.

I managed to invent some really good soup for lunch this week. After the shredded chicken in last week's soup, I decided I'd make some more chicken soup, but just regular chicken and veg soup. Well, I did get the bright idea to put some curry powder in it, left out the usual chilli, and ended up blending two thirds of it (sans chicken of course)... turned out really, really nice... although I swear that the curry taste/smell intensified throughout the week.

This week was also Haircut Day, so on Thursday night I took myself off to see Tink. The new haircut is still a work in progress... we reshaped it a little more this time, and it's coming along nicely. I was a little amused this morning when it was all sticking up in all directions after I dried it, because you can see the three layers of colour from the last three haircuts, getting lighter as it goes up.

Okay, small things amuse small minds, I know.

It was also chiro week this week... and not before time given the fact that I somehow managed to pull a couple of ribs or something... I don't actually know what it was, but my chiro did push something back into place around my shoulderblade and suddenly a spot that was hurting when she poked it didn't hurt any more. Weird.

I had my first disappointment from all the teeshirts I've been ordering online... and annoyingly it's the only one I was missing from the Adho1982 Avatar line. When I opened it this afternoon, the printing is totally crooked, not just a tiny bit, that I could live with... but this is significantly crooked. Whether they'll replace it or not I don't know, I've email them and I'll just have to wait and see what they say.

I also realised that my tee collection has managed to grow to 27 shirts... although I'm still waiting on about three to be delivered. So I now have enough shirts that if I only wear them on weekends I can get away with only wearing them twice in a twelve month period. So, yeah... that escalated quickly.

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