definitive non-event saturday shopping

Today, while not exactly a disaster in the traditional sense, definitely did not work out at all well.

First thing this morning was fine, other than the fact that I got distracted by the Steven Universe game on my iPhone and didn't get up until about half an hour before I needed to be out the door.

It worked out okay though, since I managed to tidy up a bit, take a shower and be out the door before Ma had even arrived.

The supermarket was fine... I'd already decided to make pumpkin soup for my lunches this week, but we discovered that Campbells have a new range of flavoured stocks... once of which is Moroccan... so I'll be doing a Moroccan Pumpkin Soup. Should be interesting.

But once again we didn't have any plans for the rest of the day... so after wasting some time we decided to head to the Flinder Street Market since they appeared to have some sort of street food festival thing on.

From the start though it was clearly not meant to be.

Firstly we drove around and around and around and around and around in ever increasing/decreasing circles trying to find a carpark. We really should have given up at that point... and to be honest, I already had, I was over it before we stepped out of the car. But because we drove around long enough for the clock to tick past noon, there were parks that we could now park in. Although the one we found wasn't anywhere near the place.

When we got there I should have given up at that point, because the crowd was enormous and the space itself was relatively tiny. But foolishly I just waded on in, not expecting it to be anywhere near as bad as it was.

I won't say that I had a panic attack or an anxiety attack... but I've said before on many previous occasions that if I'm stuck inside a crowd with no actual way to get through it I tend to... freak out and I just get super angry within seconds.

And the way the thing had been laid out there appeared to be two dead end paths (when they easily could have laid the thing out in a circle so the crowd could have circulated around more easily)... and when we got to the end of the path I'd chosen I was 110% done.

All I wanted at that point was to get the hell out of the space, but I then had to fight my way back through the crowd. I needed out of there so much that I didn't even attempt politeness... I just steamrolled my way back through the crowd, and realised about half way out that I wasn't even saying "excuse me", I was just moving people out of my way as efficiently as I could... and when I realised that I also realised that I didn't care, I just needed to be out of there.

Once I was free from the crowd I was much calmer, and I very nearly just powered my way back to the car, but I'd obviously lost Ma in the crowd and didn't just want to disappear completely.

When she eventually caught up with me I told her that if she wanted to go back in I could just wait outside, but she wasn't that bothered either really... doubly so because as we stood there, there just seemed to be waves of people headed past us into the space.

What we did instead was head back to where the car was and then detour around the corner to the Oxfam second hand bookshop... we ended up spending a bunch of time wandering around there, which was much more civilised.

I didn't end up buying anything (really, I have more than enough books) but I partially reorganised one of the Shakespeare shelves to put the copies of the same play together, and we did find a couple of cookbooks with some interesting soup recipes which I look forward to trying out.

And that was it... so a definitive non-event really.

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