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This week has been something of a difficult week...

Not major league difficult, but you know, not a smooth week either.

Mostly it has to do with the fact that the flu-ey throat thing I had a couple of weeks back has returned with a vengeance. I don't have any other cold or flu symptoms really, just a cough and general throat congestion which isn't overly pleasant.

So yeah, mostly it's first thing in the morning that's the problem, but there have been a couple of instances where I've been laughing and it's turned into a cough, which is then kind of hard to stop.

You can definitely put me down as not being a fan of this... not a fan at all.

Otherwise work has been pretty damn busy, not necessarily that exciting, but busy.

After work today I ended up wandering around town for a while waiting for Josh's art exhibition to open... and that's pretty much all it was, wandering around.

There were a couple of things I probably should have done, but I didn't really want to have to carry anything around for the rest of the evening.

Eventually it was time to head off to find the gallery, which turned out to be a very tiny hole in the wall, gotten to down a back alley off a side street. But I got to have a chat with Josh, which is always nice... and I got to see Charlie again, who I haven't seen since Espionage closed.

I didn't stay all that long, although probably longer than I would have stayed in the old Espionage days... and I kind of ended hanging around to try and say goodbye to Josh, but realised that he was lost to the crowd and made my usual quiet exit.

Plus by that stage my feet hurt from spending all day in new shoes and wandering around for a couple of hours... so I took myself off home.

Now if only the neighbours would shut up so I could get some sleep, that would be lovely. Because seriously, why the fuck are they hanging out either outdoors or with all the sliding doors open, because it's fucking cold, windy and rainy out there... go the fuck inside already and shut up!

Anyway... thank god for earplugs.

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