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by the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? just because the instructions build a juice bar doesn't mean you can't do your own thing
It's been a somewhat intense week... or at least a busy one from a work perspective.

On Sunday I tried out my new teapot and teacup... the cup is great, the teapot looks like it will have a bad habit of dribbling tea all over the place unless you pour very quickly. But it took me until the second cup to really work that out... so essentially I got tea everywhere.

I also moved some stuff around so that I could find a spot for the giant Labyrinth framed poster... but it does mean that my IKEA lamp is now in a totally different spot (more in the corner) and not producing as much light. Which actually is possibly a good thing, but will just take a little while to get used to.

And I put a couple of other pieces up... and remembered another poster that I've had sitting around rolled up since I bought it several years back... not that I have the faintest idea where it could possibly go at this stage, but I wouldn't mind getting it flattened out in a frame if nothing else.

Then at the end of the day I made a gigantic pot of tomato (and potato and bacon) soup for lunch all week, and I still have a couple of containers of it left over. I must remember to post the recipe, because while there is some degree of hovering around the stove the whole time, it's actually a pretty damn simple soup, even though I tweaked the recipe with a little chilli and have spent the week wishing I hadn't used quite so much.

I've also been on a bit of an Adventure Time binge of late... which is a little odd, given that when I originally watched the first couple of episodes I just flat out didn't get it... but like with many things of a televisual nature, I was slightly worn down by Tumblr a little, as well as the fact that I kept catching the odd episode here and there and quite enjoying them. Once I kind of got into it and the show really started getting good, I pretty much got obsessed.

So I've now worked my way through the whole series to date. And then earlier this week I went in search of Adventure Time related tchotchkes... which resulted in a Fionna tin and Cake blindbox figure... and then after looking in three different stores for some AT playing cards, I ended up buying them online (and may or may not consider turning them some of them into more artwork if I can work out what the hell to do with them, along with a 350 page art book.

I do feel a little like every time I get one of my parcels in the mail, there's another thing being ordered to replace it... which makes it sound worse than it really is, but somebody really needs to take my ability to do online shopping away from me at certain times. Although my greatest addiction at the present is teeshirts.

Likewise I've had a slight obsession with getting my hands on some steel cut oats this week... and thankfully a Google search plus a trip to the supermarket turned up the fact that Uncle Tobys have them in their range now... so that's going to be breakfast on Sunday... and then possibly I may try making up a giant batch to portion out and have all week... maybe also with some chunky stewed apple if I'm feeling inspired.

It was also really, really good to get to see my chiro again this week... ever since a particularly... massage orientated date... just after my last appointment, my back has been a little problematic, but a quick session at the chiro and I was all good again.

Like I said at the top, this week has been somewhat intense work-wise... not necessarily difficult, although it's had it's moments (especially given that various people have been away at various points during the week, and often multiple people on the same day), it's just more been that there has been a steady stream of things that have required my full attention and also a number of things that I wish didn't require any of my attention. Fortunately I got through 99% of them, and that was with a meeting that seemed to take up most of the morning this morning.

I also discovered that while I tried making fried rice once before and did a hideous job, ending up with a giant pan full of gluggy mess, if I don't really think about it and just grab some thing at random from the supermarket, I can actually make a pretty damn kickass fried rice with prawns and fresh peas and bacon bits. I still haven't got the flavouring quite completely balanced yet (thankfully though I under-seasoned rather than over-seasoned).

Oh, and I booked tickets to the next Unseen Theatre Company production, Small Gods, which should be interesting as this will be the first Discworld play from them since the death of Terry Pratchett.

And here I was thinking that this was going to be a short post...

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