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blue glassglass fleet

warm glasspurple glass
For a short week, this has been a very long week...

And while I've been pretty damn busy all week at work, a large chunk of it has ended up being outside of my regular stuff, so I feel a little like I've been chasing my tail.

On Tuesday I had to stop off at the Post Office on my way home to pick up a parcel I got a note in my letterbox about on Thursday, then when I got home there were four other packages waiting for me... plus, as I realised later, our tickets for Adam Hills in June were also in the box.

It turned out that two of my teeshirt orders, two different lots of underwear and my Hero Forge 3D printed minis. They ended up being smaller than I was expecting, but brilliantly detailed.

Now I just need to work out if I want to try and paint them or just leave them as they are.

Thursday was Haircut Day, so after dinner I took myself off to see Tink and get my hair did. The cut itself was a slight refinement of the cut I started off with the boy salon. It's still going to take a few months to get to the point where it's doing exactly what I want, but it's definitely a slightly sleeker version of my previous haircut. And of course, the blonde continues.

Tink and I talked about all the things as usual... the end of the Fringe, Stu's funeral, movies, Lego, to name just a few. And it was about 10:30 by the time I left. I'd also taken some Easter presents for the girls and Tink sent me an adorable video this afternoon with Tink Jr saying thank you for hers... so damn cute.

Annoyingly I'm still not over my cold/flu thing... I do feel better overall, but I'm still somewhat congested and whatnot, which just generally sucks.

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