non-shopping saturday

no shopping
If we played a game of "one of these things are not like the others" then today would win all the prizes.

Essentially, due to the whole Anzac thing, there was no shopping this morning. I don't actually know if either our regular supermarket or the one here in the Village were open... but I assume they weren't because of the usual morning public holiday.

I'm not even going to get into the insanity of having a public holiday on a Saturday... I don't even care about not having a day off work, it's more that my own personal timeline was thrown off due to the weird Saturday half-holiday thing.

Had it not been Ma's haircut day today we may have gone and checked out the supermarkets... or at least Ma would have paid attention when she was going past the regular one... but given that I was left to my own devices, I didn't really end up doing much of anything, and then around the time I was planning on heading out, Ma messaged me that she was on her way, so not much point in doing anything at that point.

When she did arrive, I was in need to food, so we decided to head out and have breakfast out somewhere. That somewhere ended up being the Royal Oak, my usual go-to for having breakfast out. Perhaps not the very best option but it's familiar, and they do do good coffee.

And there were some guys in airforce uniform out the front... it is amazing how just putting a service uniform on a guy (more so airforce and navy to be honest), and then putting him in a group of similarly dressed dudes, he gets several degrees hotter. Its just a fact, and you can't argue with science.

After breakfast we stopped at the seven day supermarket to grab a paper and some milk, but they were out of papers and I had to go next door to the servo instead.

We then came back to my place, read the paper and killed some time until around noon when we headed into the city to go visit Josh's exhibition.

We found an odd little spot to park in one of the back streets and then wandered around. We hung out with Josh for about an hour, chatted about the exhibition, life in general and whatnot.

And that was really it... I'll head out tomorrow and do my shopping then, which will be weird, but I'll survive.

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