yuletide errands saturday shopping

all the xmas trimmings, plus bulgy longjohns
I really wish I could shake this general feeling of nausea... sadly though I think it may be sticking around until I get this whole apartment mess sorted out. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later (specifically before Christmas Day).

But no, we're thinking upbeat thoughts... happy, Peter Pan flying, Harry Potter Patronus, positive The Secret type thoughts... and everything, as they say, will be coming up Milhouse.

Anyway, this morning was fairly average as far as these things go... I didn't buy all that much stuff at the supermarket since I still had a fridge full of stuff, but we did buy a bunch of supplies for making (severely reduced amounts of) Christmas goodies next weekend.

After the usual unpacking montage we headed down Prospect Road as there was a "Handmade and Vintage" market happening by the Town Hall... there were actually quite a few interesting things, Ma lost her mind a little at one of the jewellery stalls and started collecting greeting cards for La Cousina's Christmas present next year (in place of those big boxes of cards La Cousina likes/usually gets). I was tempted by a couple of things, but nothing enough to actually make a purchase.

From there we headed across to Arndale to do a couple of errands, spray Ma's arms with a bunch of different perfumes to test them out (and instant karma means that my fingers now smell like the One Direction perfume after I sprayed it on Ma for shits and giggles) and poked around looking for something for La Cousina's partner.

Ma thought of something from Kmart, so we chuffed down the road to Anzac Highway for that.

But when we got in the car at Arndale I realised that there was a message on my phone from the land agent about the new apartment... I called her back and there's an open inspection on Tuesday evening. But it still seems like I'm slightly on the inside track... so if everyone can keep their fingers, limbs and associated activities crossed until/on Tuesday, that'd be great.

The trip to Kmart didn't take too long, Ma got what she needed and after a detour to the North Adelaide Village for a couple of bibs and bobs we called it a day.

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