two thousand and thirteen in review

This is, without a doubt, the most unique New Years Eve I've ever experienced I think... and especially given the last few years where the day has been spent putting the house in order and making sure everything is neat and tidy for the start of the new year.

However, this year I'm sitting here surrounded by a plethora of boxes and general detritus as I pack up the last 17 years of my life. But it's good... it's all about new beginnings for the new year, and it will also mean that I will go through every single thing I own as I unpack (I really don't have time to do it in enough detail while I'm packing, although there are a range of things that are getting the boot) and work out exactly what needs to stay in the new apartment.

Every year around this time I do the "First Post of the Month" meme I started in 2006, but like last year I'm going to add a few other thoughts to the end of the post just summing up where my year has been at.

January: Welcome to 2013, the International Year of Water Cooperation and the International Year of Quinoa.

February: Since Monday was a public holiday and I had the aforementioned toilet dramas between Sunday night and Wednesday, this week feels like nothing has happened.

March: Following on from the previous Lego accessories template... I decided to try something minifig related for the Autumn template.

April: The Croods truly is one of the most beautiful animated movies I've ever seen.

May: April was music month on Lifescouts...

June: It's been one dark grey day today...

July: Given today's date and it's significance to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, this seemed to be the right way to go with Random Hotness, even though I featured the same model about three weeks ago.

August: June on Lifescouts was Carnival Month, but there weren't any badges that I could claim... however this month was the final month for a while, and didn't have a theme, it was just a free-for-all... which was better, since I managed to claim five different badges, bringing the grand total to 32 out of a possible 100.

September: Today has been busy and emotional and just plain weird.

October: First Pixar brought us Cars, then came Cars 2... and now we have Planes.

November: Today has been...well... weirder than the previous few weeks, that's for sure.

December: I spent most of the morning on Friday going through the Adelaide Fringe program and making a list... then yesterday afternoon Ma and I went through the list and came up with the final version of the list and picked out dates and whatnot.

And oddly enough some of the things I was going to mention actually feature in the first line of the month by month posts.... it even reminded me of a couple of things.

2013 in review

In a lot of ways 2013 has been a year of endings... the end of my job at the Nut House, the end of living in this apartment, the end for the bookcases I've had since I was a teenager along with the end of a lot of other random detritus (not to mention starting the year out with a replacement toilet)... but that's good because it leaves space in my life for some new beginnings once the calendar flicks over to 2014.

It wasn't all endings though, this year also saw the birth of the Lifescouts phenomenon, and by the end of the year I'd accumulated 33 badges... hopefully there should be some new badges/challenges at the beginning of next year (and I'd also like to actually earn my archery badge next year... I'd intended to do it this year but it just never happened).

Ma and I took two trips, one to Sydney in April and the other to Melbourne in August. And rain featured quite prominently in both trips. I still much prefer Sydney to Melbourne though... especially after this last trip.

As far as theatre goes, other than the twenty shows for the Fringe, there wasn't quite as much to report this year. However we did finally get to go and see Adam Hills live (and he's definitely somebody I'll go and see any time he comes back with a new show), plus I got my yearly dose of Macbeth thanks to the Urban Myth Theatre Company.

And we also stepped out at the March, May, June, August, September and November editions of Fork on the Road.

My birthday this year was an 18 hour extravaganza (if you include the working day) whereas Ma's birthday was a relatively calm occasion.

Also continuing this year was my ongoing love affair with Espionage Gallery and the expansion of my art collection by about 17 new pieces.

So while 2013 has had a few moments I could have lived without, on reflection it's not been all that bad... but here's to a whole lot of new beginnings next year!

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