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I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this Christmas is shaping up to be quite probably the worst Christmas season I've experienced thus far in my thirty nine years...

I know I've said in previous years that I didn't feel particularly in the Christmas spirit in the lead up to the big day, but this year definitely takes the cake as far as that's concerned because there's currently a million other things on my mind that have absolutely nothing to do with the season, but are all currently unresolved and up in the air and weighing on my mind.

You know, things like finding a new apartment and packing all my possessions and moving house and potentially moving to the opposite site of the city where I've never lived so everything would be a major upheaval and reshuffle and that always terrifies me living shit out of me.

Seemingly so much so that I've forgotten how to write sentences that don't keep going and going and going.

I went out to see the property that the land agent called me about on Saturday... and, in a word, I was disappointed. The location is reasonable, if a little further out than I thought, the front of the place looks great, it's a small group of eight units, but the access to the upstairs units is quite narrow and the unit itself just felt really dark and dingy and essentially a bit of a mess.

Yes it has an airconditioner, which is a major bonus, and the carpets have just been replaced and there's a new cooker going in, and the bedroom is a good size, but the place is full of furniture that the landlord doesn't seem to want to part with, even though some of it is clearly crap, and I have no need for any of it. Plus it didn't feel so much like the previous tenant had moved out as much as fled in the night with a suitcase full of clothes. There was still salt and soy sauce and other random detritus in the cupboard in the kitchen and a bunch of towels in the wardrobe.

It didn't help that the agent who came out of the inspection wasn't the one I'd spoken to and couldn't answer some of the questions I had.

But I took an application anyway, called the agent I had spoken to on Wednesday morning to get some details straight, then submitted the application on Thursday morning.

That was a bit of a debacle of it's own... The office was in a shopping centre, and it turned out to be in the very far corner and it took me a while to find. Of course, because I'm already at a high level of freak out on a semi permanent basis for the last couple of weeks, it doesn't take a lot to set me off... so I was a little flustered.

For reasons that don't necessarily make all that much sense, the land agent I've been talking to has decided that she quite likes me... I have no idea why the hell that might be, since I think she'd made that decision based on the incredibly brief phonecall on Saturday (she said as much when I spoke to her on Wednesday)...

So she just called to say that the landlord would prefer to rent the place "furnished", which to be honest is all kinds of nuts... I'm pretty sure I was the only person to bother coming out to look at it on Tuesday (I got there early and after I left spent the rest of the time talking to Ma on the phone outside, and didn't see anyone else turn up), so she wants to have another inspection, but that'll be Tuesday, also known as Christmas Eve... so, yeah, we'll see.

But the agent said that my application was good (I'm not sure exactly what made her say that, since I'm not working currently) and that if I didn't get this one I shouldn't have any trouble with another property. Which kinda makes me wonder what the hell she's on about... but I decided that if she liked me, I may as well make use of that and suggested that if they had any other properties on their books, maybe I could be considered for those instead.

I hate uncertainty more than anything else on the face of the planet. It just completely fucks me over... so not knowing where I am in regards to my housing situation is doing my head in more than a little bit.

I even stopped off and bought a lottery ticket yesterday, you know, just on the off-chance the universe decides to gift me with $40 million. I haven't checked the ticket yet, and I doubt it will amount to anything, but stranger things have happened. Generally they don't happen to me, but they do happen.

I think I may also be losing my mind slightly due to the fact it's been very hot the last few days... the week started out reasonably okay, but then went up around 40C, which is never fun. The cool change has mostly come in now, and hopefully the strong wind will help blow some of the hot air out of my apartment and make sleeping a lot more pleasant.

Yesterday was also my pre-Christmas haircut with Tink... which was very pleasant as always, not least of all because my house was about ninety one thousand degrees by that point and she has air-con.

The haircut was the same as always, shorter and blonder and we chatted about this and that and the other like we usually do.

I also dived into the first season of Aaron Sorkin's new (well, newish) series, The Newsroom. I was hooked on it before the end of the first episode. It reminds me of The West Wing in so many ways, it's smartly written, the characters are instantly intriguing and engaging, and the issues reflect the same desire to make the world a better place. I'm very much looking to hitting the second season after Christmas.

And other than a couple of mostly inconsequential, if enjoyable, slutty adventures at the beginning of the week, that's pretty much where I'm at on the Friday before Christmas. Which is essentially nowhere at all...

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