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The only way to go shopping on the Saturday before Christmas is to a) be early, b) have a specific target that you're looking for and c) mostly be looking for stuff for yourself.

Tomorrow is the annual goodie making, which if I'm being honest, I'm totally not in the mood for, but it does mean that I have the day to myself today. And that turned out to be a good thing for a number of reasons.

I got up reasonably early to open up the house to try and pull more of the cooler air indoors... although technically once I'd done that I went back to bed for a while.

I didn't really rush around much but I was ready to go by about 8 and headed down the road. The supermarket portion of the morning was about the same as usual... there did seem to be slightly more people around but it was still early enough that I made it around reasonably quickly. Then I took a quick wander around Target... I had a couple of things in mind, but couldn't find either of them, but I did find a couple of cheap bowls that I think will work perfectly for Christmas lunch next week.

As I was driving home again I realised I'd forgotten about half a dozen things, which is always irritating... but not enough to turn around and go back.

Once I got home and unpacked I had a message from a young gentleman who I've been texting back and forth with for about a week or so... I was planning to head straight back out again to run a couple of other errands, but I delayed a little as he was headed in my general direction. It was worth the delay.

Pretty much as soon as he left I tidied up a little and then headed back out the door and drove down to Arndale. I was hoping that Big W had some more of the thongs (flip-flops) that I've bought from there in the past since they're super comfortable and were reasonably cheap... sadly they didn't, but they did have the first season of The Newsroom on DVD, so I snapped that up instead.

I had a little bit of a wander around Arndale, discovered that I didn't win any part of the $40 million Powerball draw (seriously I would have been happy with $400,000, but no, nothing), but there wasn't anything else that I needed. But I still wanted to find some new thongs so I headed back to Northpark to take another look in Target. They turned out to have some that cost a little more than I was intending to spend, but they fit really well and were quite comfortable, plus they didn't look cheap, so I decided to go with them. Plus they're actually leather straps, so they should last pretty well.

I also wanted a pumice stone because my feet tend to get all dry and cracked in the summer due to the aforementioned thong wearing... what I did end up finding was a tiny cheese grater for feet... okay, technically it's not really a cheese grater, but it should last longer than a pumice stone usually lasts.

I could have headed back into Foodland to pick up the stuff I forgot earlier, but I wanted to grab some stuff from the North Adelaide Village so I headed back home and took a quick detour there for some bits and pieces.

And that was pretty much that... all in all a pretty easy day, especially given the proximity to Christmas.

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