my adelaide fringe picks 2014

my adelaide fringe picks 2014
I spent most of the morning on Friday going through the Adelaide Fringe program and making a list... then yesterday afternoon Ma and I went through the list and came up with the final version of the list and picked out dates and whatnot.

And looking at the list now, I have a feeling that while we may not be going to as many shows this year, what we are going to see should be quality stuff.

I'm especially excited with our first night out... we're going to take in the whole of The Bunker Trilogy in a single evening. Insane, certainly, but it should also be an awesome start.

I'm also especially pleased that the boys from Sound and Fury are back with two shows, and after a four year absence, so are The Kransky Sisters. Plus I plan to laugh myself to tears with Adam Richard.

Because we're only seeing sixteen shows this time around we're not quite as heavily booked and we haven't doubled up with multiple shows on the same nights as much as we did last year (well, not counting the three shows in one night thing). And because we're headed off to Sydney for my 40th birthday at the end of the Fringe, we haven't scheduled anything at all in the last week so we'll get a chance to catch up on everything before we go.

But it's a good mix of shows overall... we have theatre, circus, comedy, improvisation, music and magic. Plus there's a proper Macbeth show!
  • The Bunker Trilogy - Morgana: On the reserve lines of World War One, three young soldiers in search of distraction and delight find more than they bargained for in the beautiful, mysterious and mystical Morgana Le Fay.
  • The Bunker Trilogy - Agamemnon: Journey into the delusions of a shell shocked solider, devastated by war, cut off from help, convinced of a plot to bring him down.
  • The Bunker Trilogy - Macbeth: Trapped on the front lines, his murderous deeds behind him, the weird sisters propel the soldier through his deepest memories as the bloody truth of his actions falls full force on Shakespeare's greatest killer.
  • Luminous: Come experience a wondrous multidisciplinary spectacle where hand-painted performers bring their bodies-as-canvases to life.
  • The Sheds: The star player for Melbourne's premiership-winning Fitzroy Fighters AFL team, is young, talented, and so convinced of his popularity that when he announces that he's gay, he assumes the news will be readily accepted by everyone. It isn't.
  • Trash Test Dummies: Whether they are hand-standing atop a mismatched pile of bins or practicing their ever important ballet these three grumbling garbos will have you in stitches from the moment you step in the door till long after you leave.
  • Sound and Fury's Hamlet and Juliet: Using many of the classic lines and speeches, along with a healthy amount of farce and updating for modern audiences possibly not familiar with either original play, Hamlet and Juliet teaches that Shakespeare's works are both accessible and relevant.
  • Improvise To Go: Inspired by Monopoly, two characters will travel the board where every street is named by the audience. With cash in hand these characters will move from street to street while an entire improvised story unfolds!
  • Decadence: This rare play has wowed audiences and critics alike for its dazzling wordplay, outrageous comedy and the searing flames of social commentary it sets upon the modern cult of hedonism and self-interest.
  • Elixir: Like actors from the silent film era, they manage to fall elegantly, display emotion through facial contortion and tumble across the stage effortlessly, all the while keeping in character.
  • Sound and Fury's Hitchcocked: Our suspicion is if you head North by North(east) to Gluttony, you'll be spellbound by this notorious comedy! This psycho play ain't for the birds.
  • Adam Richard's Gaypocalypse: Zombies are coming. And they're fabulous.
  • A Nightmare On Love Street: Two twisted lovers who are crazy about each other. He loves her eyes, her hair, her demonic possessions. She loves his lips, his swagger, the way his knife glistens at midnight.
  • A Dirk Darrow Investigation - 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: More murder! More explosions! More hyperbole! More punctuation!!!!! Part comedy, part mind-reading, part storytelling, and all gritty 1930's noir!
  • Paul Dabek's Stand up and be Conjured: Expect mind-blowing magic and very cheeky comedy all delivered with an impish sense of mischief from the UK's third most charming conjurer!
  • The Kransky Sisters Piece of Cake: These three eccentric sisters with their eclectic mix of instruments have cooked up a very special sweet and sour serving of well known songs gleaned from their old wireless at home.
Roll on February!

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