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A great weight was lifted off my shoulders (actually more like off my chest, let's just say the general torso region shall we) this morning at 10:30...

But backtracking a little, on Monday I was panicking a little about the fact that landlord in the place I went to look at last week was being a little... difficult. Okay, maybe not difficult, but it wasn't all slotting into place easily like I hoped it would do.

So I spent the majority of Monday morning looking at other possible properties online, only to find that Christmas is really the worst possible time to be looking at real estate. So a double pox of my current landlord for choosing to throw everyone out two weeks before Christmas. But there were a couple of places... one of which is literally down the road and around the corner (okay, and then down another road and around another corner, stop being so literal) from me. And it's in an apartment block that I somehow feel weirdly connected to, if only because every time I drive that way (more so when I'm a passenger), I tend to look at that block as we go past.

True, you could say that about a number of places, but that one tends to stick in my mind more.

Anyway, I called the land agent and made an appointment to take a look at it that afternoon.

Turned out to be the smartest phonecall I've made in a while. The apartment is kind of enormous! All the other places I've been looking at just look like you could stand in the living room and touch both walls, whereas this one has room to spare... enough room for a little kitchen table, and few other bits and pieces. True, it's on the third/top floor of the block, but it's at the back and separate from the other apartments and the top floor means no upstairs neighbours, and it has aircon. And yes, the bathroom isn't so much a bathroom as it is a laundry that happens to have a shower cubicle in it, but, seriously, what more do I need.

And the fact that it wasn't hugely more expensive than the place that was half the size much further out of the city. Plus it's still in North Adelaide, so I don't have to completely discombobulate my life and recreate all my routines... but it's far enough away from my current place that if I choose to never walk past this block again, I could probably do it.

The fact that I had to fill out another rental application (this one without the slight security of having spoken to the landlord beforehand) was, I think, what woke me up at around 3:30am on Christmas Eve and really wouldn't let me go back to sleep. So in the end I gave up around 5am, got up, went for my walk, came back and did the application, scanned it and my 100 points of ID and sent it off.

Unfortunately the land agent from the other property also called me on Christmas Eve to tell me that the landlord was willing to get rid of all the crappy furniture from the other place and I could have the apartment. Great, so at this point I have an application in for a place I really want that I won't hear about until after Christmas and a place I don't really want but can have.

Some fast talking and my (seemingly) general likeability meant that I had until today to get all my little ducks in a row, and at 10:30 this morning the land agent from the place in North Adelaide called me to tell me that I could have it.

And, to be honest, I think that decision was based pretty solidly on the fact that I've been in this apartment for the last seventeen years (which makes it around 1996 that I moved in here). Which really means that I shouldn't have been quite so panicked in the first place about putting in applications.

Now I have nine days to pack everything I own and get ready to move some 800m around the corner. Which is it's own new set of associated stress... between having to remember to change my address everywhere, to organise for all the utilities to be switched off/on, to being without internet for up to ten days (yeah, that's actually going to be the really hard one... there may be a number of walks down to O'Connell Street to make use of the free wifi)... thankfully I get to keep the same phone number so I've already organised that and the internet and the movers this morning.

And booking with those particular movers comes with a whole set of moving boxes, which should be delivered tomorrow some time, after which I'll be spending my days either packing boxes or surrounded by them.

There will also be a lot of throwing things out... although thankfully I did a LOT of that both before and after I put the bookcases together. I just need to be ruthless both during the packing and after the move. More-so at the packing stage though.

It's also a new beginning of a new year, and it'll be followed very closely by a new tattoo and then not lagging too far behind, a new job.

That seems to have been the only thing going on in my week this week... well, other than Christmas squatting in the middle of the week like some sort of festive, tinsel spinning spider.

The reign of the 11th Doctor did come to an end, and even though I haven't always been a big fan of this particular Doctor (or moreso his choice in Companions) but, even though the story itself had a few issues (mostly due to bad writing/stupid ideas from the previous seasons) the emotional heart of the story was fairly strong and I did shed a little tear or two.

Now we just need to wait and see how the 12th Doctor turns out.

Oh, and there wasn't a Random Hotness yesterday because I clean forgot about it...

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