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flurfy horsewindy purpy
You know those days when you're the second to last member of your team left standing and a major project that you haven't had anything to do with needs to be launched and then doesn't work properly. And you work out the first problem, only to discover and second problem, fix that, discover a third problem, fix that...

Yeah, that... all morning. And in the end they decided to leave it as it is and worry about it next week, which suited me.

That was on top of fielding a bunch of other issues, partly due the aforementioned team absences.

Thankfully the afternoon was fairly quiet, but by that point I'd lost all sense of enthusiasm. But it's Friday, so m'eh.

It's been a busy week too...

Tuesday was Movie Night, so that's a night out of the house... then Wednesday was Haircut Night and last night was Art Appreciation Night at Espionage. So I was quite relieved when I realised that I didn't actually have a chiro appointment tonight and I could come straight home after work.

I swear at this point, Tink could suggest just about anything and I'd probably be all "yeah, sure, why not"... there's that level of trust and the fact that, really, it's fairly hard to screw up my hair within the confines of the usual style I favour.

So it's maybe a little longer on top than previously... although possibly not by much, and Tink took the blonde a little further down, blended the line a little more, which looks pretty good.

And we talked... and talked... and talked. Okay, it was more me this time, I kind of unloaded all the drama I went through a couple of weeks ago and everything that's kind of fallen out of that since. As always, it was good to just have a sounding board for all that stuff.

The show at Espionage last night was Cameron Brideoake's Floating World's show... and although I'd already bought one of Cameron's pieces there were still a couple of other pieces that I could have been tempted by. I love his stuff so much. Which is good since I have a number of his pieces and I'm commissioning a tattoo piece from him as well.

It was an interesting mix of people too... a number of faces I recognised, and oddly a couple of people who I didn't expect to remember/recognise me, did. Which is always nice.

I chatted with Cameron, I chatted with Charlie, I chatted with Josh, I paid for my artwork and then I went home. A fun evening, really.

And we're now officially less than a week away from our trip to Melbourne... although it'll be here before I know it.

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