weird old saturday shopping

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It's been a weird old day...

Not a long one or an eventful one, but just weird.

It started in the usual fashion... me getting myself organised, followed by Ma's arrival and the trip to the supermarket.

The supermarket was slightly weird if only because neither of us bought very much... and not really because we're headed off to Melbourne at the end of the week, but possibly because both of us still had a fridge full of stuff left over from last week.

I know when I used to do my grocery shopping on my own I would always have a "full shopping week" and a "light shopping week" when I usually just went to the supermarket around the corner to pick up the bits and pieces I'd run out of. And today very much felt like one of those "light" weeks.

Then after we came back here before heading out to the framing shop to pick up the piece with the string on upside down and Ma's two prints, both of which looked great.

Beyond that we really didn't have any plans... so Ma suggested that since we were in the neighbourhood we could drop into Ikea for a general wander around. I did want to pick up a couple of extra shelves for my bookcases, so it seemed like as good a plan as any.

And essentially we pretty much did just wander around the store. Yes I picked up the shelves, one wood, one glass... but that was pretty much it.

When we came out we still didn't have an actual plan, but Ma suggested we could head down to West Lakes and see a movie with the mostly useless (to us anyway) Reading vouchers we have.

That could have been a plan, if it hadn't been for the fact that Ma a) missed the exit to the Ikea store while driving past it and then b) proceeded to drive in the completely wrong direction not once but twice trying to get from Ikea to West Lakes.

Normally this would be cause for amusement and much mockery, but it seems to be happening more and more and I'm genuinely concerned that Ma is actually starting to lose the plot. Not on everything... but the small things around the edges... stuff she should know without even having to think about, and she's getting fuzzy on details.

I know she's in her mid-60's but it's still a distressing thought. And one that I hope isn't more serious than general old-peopleness.

Anyway, because we drove completely in the wrong direction and then had to drive all the way back in the right direction, by the time we got to West Lakes it was pretty much right on the time for the movie to start, but to be honest I really didn't feel like it anymore.

So we gave it a big miss... wandered fairly aimlessly around the shopping centre and called it quits and came back here.

Not really the most of exciting of days... but then there's more than enough excitement to come next weekend.

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Poptartlr said...

My mum is the same - mid 60s and starting to be midly 'forgetful'/


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