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It seems like everybody I know is on holiday or attending something cool.

As we speak, both the San Diego Comic Con and the first Australian PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) are happening, and a number of people I follow on Twitter/Instagram are at SDCC, although only one person I know is at PAX (hey Ponk *waves*) currently.

Another of my Twitter buddies is away in the snow, and H-San and Owl Girl are in Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

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Granted I am going to Melbourne for a few days at the beginning of August... but even so, I'm, as the young people say, TOTES JELLY! (Young people do say that, right?)

Actually I'm probably only really jealous of Owl Girl... I mean I'm going to Melbourne in a couple of weeks, and I don't know if I could actually do a big convention thing like SDCC or PAX... but Sydney... yeah, that'll make me jealous every time.

And it doesn't help that she's doing to me what I did to her when I was in Sydney and sending through photos and general commentary.

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In non-travel jealously news, I forgot my blogiversary for the second year in a row. Yep, yesterday my blog turned 8 years old. I think that's probably pretty old for a blog... if my blog was a dog it would be 45 in dog years.

Wow... and that's what it's been for eight years... me just waffling random crap for 3181 posts. Thanks and apologies in equal measure to anyone who's been paying attention this whole time.

Normally I would have rushed around either trying to dig up an 8 image or trying to take one, but instead, this year I'll just celebrate with the eight beach dude images in this post. The gift that keeps on giving and whatnot.

Enjoy the perving, compliments of my blogiversary.

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This week hasn't really been overly complicated, however there are a few things just to jot down for posterity, although there will be varying amounts of vague...
  • Sometimes to get exactly what it is you need, you need to pay top dollar for it. Which doesn't exactly lead to buyer's remorse, more buyer's introspection.
  • The roast I bought last weekend and then ran out of time to cook on Sunday turned out to be perfect for Monday night's dinner, and the leftover chicken also made it into Tuesday night's soup which was also Wednesday's lunch and Thursday's lunch. Thrifty yet tasty.
  • I finished reading the Batman Court of Owls storyline last night... the art by Greg Capullo is amazing, and while the story is great it did perhaps feel a little too "quick"... maybe it made more sense in the original monthly comic books, but all together as graphic novel volumes it felt perhaps a little rushed or perhaps not detailed enough, I'm not completely sure. They were good, don't get me wrong, but I was definitely more of a fan of the art.
  • I saw the first image for Series 11 of the Lego Minifigures this morning (I think it showed up at SDCC)... once some better images show up I'll do a whole post about it, but my first thought was, to quote The Godfather 3 "just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in"... dammit. I may have to investigate other storage solutions though.
  • I kind of started looking at other apartments for rent this week... well I very nearly went to an open inspection, but decided that while I definitely need more room (and an airconditioner) I'm not sure that I actually need two bedrooms... both due to the cost and what would I actually do with a second bedroom?
  • While I've been through all my DVD's and pulled out anything that I no longer want, I have the feeling that I may end up going through again at some stage and being really hardcore about it... really cut down my collection... we'll see.
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