short grey saturday

stitch the beans
Not all that much to report from today... fortunately because I tidied up my apartment yesterday I really didn't have to worry about rushing around this morning. Which was good, because I stayed in bed longer than I should have.

But I still managed to be ready by the time Ma arrived.

Then we did the usual supermarket routine... same old same old... and headed home managing to mostly avoid the rain.

Neither of us had any particular plans, but Ma wanted to track down some cross-stitch thread for a project, so we went into the city to see if we could find what she was after.

Which turned out to be harder than expected, but we did manage to track down a substitute that should work.

While we were in the city I also wandered into JB HiFi on the lookout for Young Justice on DVD... but unfortunately they only had one disc... and I kind of want both seasons as a boxed set, although I'm not completely sure if such a thing actually exists.

And other than a quick poke around the Crumpler store to check out their new "women's range" and a brief stop at a sausage sizzle stall down by the parade grounds, we called it a day.

So not especially exciting... but it has given me the whole afternoon to myself.

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