winter saturday shopping and fork in the road

myrtle and maelemon tart
Today has been a COLD day... so cold in fact that I wore a jacket AND a hoodie and a scarf over my teeshirt for part of the day.

The day started out pretty much the same as always... although Ma brought a bunch of boxes down so that I can start putting things out of the way with the view to working on putting up the new bookcases.

There wasn't much to report on the supermarket front... we did the usual routine, but once we were finished with the supermarket we had a wander around Target and Ma found herself a new jacket.

flamin weinerfork in the road trucks
After we got back to my place and did the usual unpacking and dicking about we headed down to Arndale.

Technically there wasn't much point since the Big W sale I kind of wanted to poke around doesn't actually start for another week... but it was out of the weather and not too far away, so it seemed like a plan.

And it was... not so much Big W, but we did the usual wander around and I found some Terry's Chocolate Orange segments in one of the cheap shops along with a very cute if slightly ridiculous furry wolf hat... I'm wearing it now... it's a little small, but it is warm. And also fluffy.

fork babypapa hot dog
Then we headed into the city for this afternoon's Fork On The Road.

We had some time to kill and I needed to get some stuff from David Jones so we wandered up the Mall for a while. On our way back we headed past Espionage Gallery and Josh just happened to be putting out the sign, so we decided to stop by so Ma could take a look at the Curvy exhibition.

As usual we had a nice chat with Josh and Ma ended up buying a couple of teeshirts from the Organic show...

golden paellaveggie velo
And then we wandered down to Rymill Park to get our fork on at Fork on the Road.

While the weather had improved somewhat the parklands were fairly waterlogged so walking around was slightly problematic... and the weather had kept a number of the trucks and stalls away.

We started off with a hot beverage from Myrtle & Mae, then I tried a hot dog from the new Flamin' Weiner foodbike while Ma went off to try Papa's Hot Dogs... to be honest, I should have gone to Papa's as well. The hot dog I had was okay... but it was a bit average. You can pretty much tell the difference just by looking at the two photos.

Anyway, I also stopped off at La Cantina since they haven't been around for ages and ages. And their food got way bigger. Not completely sure how I feel about that. Its nice that they're a bigger portion, but they're a bunch harder to eat and they don't look nearly as good.

While I was waiting for my burrito Ma was waiting over at Veggie Velo for some minestrone soup. Well, I say minestrone... but it was essentially chunky vegetable water... and took a really, really, really long time. Yeah... I know it was supposed to be vegan or vegetarian or something, but even so it was weird... and not soup by any real definition.

By this point a large number of people had poured into the park from the Walk Together walk... and the less said about that the better.

We didn't stick around much longer after that, I waited for a serve of paella while Ma went back to Myrtle & Mae to pick up some dessert items.

Once again the paella was quite nice... not brilliant, and a little heavy, but tasty enough. The wind did decide that I'd had enough towards the end and flipped the plate over onto the table... so clearly I was finished at that point.

At that point we'd both pretty much had enough forking... so we called it a day.

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