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riding the wavessailing the jetty, diy style
Somehow, although it's been a somewhat less frenetic working week this week, I still found myself going "Oh shit, how is it 4pm already" just about every afternoon this week. It's good to be occupied... but I think this is a "less is more" kind of deal.

I'm also the only one from our section of The Nut House who's been on deck for the whole week... everyone else has been away or sick or doing training for at least one day this week, if not more. Which I don't say as a bragging thing... but, you know, it's a thing that happens to be true ongoingly, not just this week.

I had a little bit of a backing spree on Kickstarter earlier this week... I'd just been planning to back a watch project, but that led on to a gay superhero comic book and a chainmail bracelet... and then I saw an ad on TV for the 40% stocktake sale on the Bonds website, so before I knew it I'd ordered a hoodie, a t-shirt and some undies from there... it was at that point that I realised it was time to close the laptop and go to bed...

I finally finished up Ma's cross-stitch present on Monday night, now all I have to do is get around to wrapping up her presents (not that there are that many of them), which I may do some time tonight, or if not I'll have time in the morning since she's not coming down to my place until about 10am.

I also swear that I have "greeting card-fu" (it's like kung-fu or Google-fu, which I generally have a black belt in)... I found the perfect card for Owl Girl at work (whose birthday is tomorrow) just by walking past a shop I've walked past about a billion times and noticing that they had a rack of cards by the door... and it wasn't even a card shop. And in a cosmic karmic circular chain of events, I got Owl Girl to design an awesome card for Ma's birthday based around the same idea of the awesome card she designed for my birthday.

The finished card is, in a word, stunning. Okay, perhaps it printed a little dark than I was expecting and because I went to a print shop to get it printed it cost me an arm and a leg (about three times as much as it would have cost me to buy a regular card), but they did print it, trim it and fold it, so that's a bonus. And it's one of a kind, so that's also awesome. And if the colour is too dark for Ma's taste, I can go back to Owl Girl and get her to make changes, also awesome.

Last night I braved the 5pm traffic to drive to Beulah Park for Ghostpatrol's show at Hugo Mitchell Gallery. I'm not sure the drive was worth it, only because all the pieces, although stunning, were both enormous and way out of my price range plus the fact that Ma and I will probably end up there again tomorrow anyway. And the fact that every crazy or slow or generally irritating driver in the world seemed to be in front of me at one point or another.

That was partly the reason that I decided against hanging around in town for the opening of the KAB101 exhibition... partly because I really didn't have anything I needed to do that would fill in the time between my chiro appointment and the opening and also because I'm guessing it's one of the things we'll end up doing tomorrow.

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