searching saturday shopping

why do the guys in my supermarket never look like this?
Generally the right time to buy something is when you see it... although sometimes you have to wait until it's on sale...

And then if you don't go out of your way to get it once it is on sale, sometimes you have to go to four different stores before you find it again.

So today was all about picking up things and searching for things that should have been in places that weren't.

It was, or perhaps is, about waiting around for things to happen later.

When I woke up this morning my brain went into instant "weekday morning mode" and it was only after I'd already dragged myself out of bed that I realised I didn't need to bother getting organised for a while longer... so I just crawled back into bed for a while.

It was also very cold this morning, so when I finally got around to jumping in the shower it was hard to drag myself out... but after I rugged up nice and warmly I had some time to sit and read my book before Ma arrived.

Shopping was a little more annoying than usual... they had the hordes of staff in to do the stock counting, which is always a pain as they clog up all the aisles and generally take up far too much space.

Usually then they're out in force like that we end up getting less stuff than usual since it's just generally more difficult to get to stuff, but that didn't happen today for some reason.

Then began the hunt for a particular Lego set... which I'd seen at Target and Big W last week... but when it came time to look for it again it wasn't anywhere to be seen in Target and Big W didn't bother to include it in their sale.

In the end it required looking in two different Targets and two different Big W's before I finally found one on sale in Myer... so that's my Christmas present to myself organised.

Between one lot of Target/Big W's and the other we stopped off to pick up all the artwork we dropped off to get framed the other week. And it all looked great! Okay, they got confused about one of the pieces and technically framed it "upside down" (actually they just put the cord on the back at the wrong level, so I'll just take it back and get them to fix it up), but the actual framing looks amazing.

Once we'd picked up the framing we headed down to Marion to continue the search for the Lego set... since all the places I knew it should be were under one roof, and we had a little bit of a wander, but we didn't do the usual full wander from one end of the place to the other.

Beyond the Lego saga we really didn't have anything else we wanted to do, so after we got what we came for we headed back to my place.

And that would normally be where I would draw this to a close, but we're off to see Adam Hills tonight, so Ma hung around... well actually she hung around for a while, decided to take stuff back to her place and then come back... so she did that, and now we're waiting for it to be time for dinner.

I'm not 100% sure where we're going to go for dinner... somewhere on O'Connell Street most likely before we head off to Thebarton Theatre.

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