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To give you some indication of how this week ended... I went to the bottleshop on the way home from work and bought an six pack of Strongbow.

Yeah, not the most butch and manly of options... but it shares a name with the strong silent archer from Elfquest, so it's a thing. And I just started on my third bottle... but that is to have with dinner...

But I also can't remember the last time I was so inclined... other than the very infrequent Nut House drinking sessions. And, coincidentally enough, we were only talking this morning about organising another one on those in the next month or so.

I also stumbled across a set of "rage GIFs" during my usual morning internet wanderings and they turned out to be somewhat prophetic. Possibly more so during the morning, but there were far too many instances where I just wanted to throw things. Or just scream "stop fucking arguing with me". Or "give me a fucking minute to finish a damn thing without interrupting me".

Which is not to say that I didn't achieve some stuff... I just felt slightly like I was wading through custard all day.

And then at lunch I was going to go visit either Burger Theory or Papa's Hot Dogs... but I thought they were in one place and when I got there I found they weren't and worked out they were on the other side of town... which would have taken me less time to get to from work, but by that point I just couldn't be bothered.

You know what, I think quite probably the booze is having an effect, if only because when So You Think You Can Dance started I got a little teary during the opening montage. So if I start making less sense than usual, I apologise... although I did have a big hearty dinner, so hopefully it balances out.

Yesterday at lunch I wandered down to Espionage Gallery to check out the all female Athena Nochua show which opened last night. Partly because I didn't want to go out in the weather last night, but I also wanted to chat with Josh about a couple of things.

Turns out that I went at exactly the right time.

One of the artists, Sequoia, was there helping Josh set up and I ended up chatting with them both for pretty much my whole lunchbreak... and I was already in love with all of Sequoia's pieces, but I got her to tell me the story behind two of them and that helped me pick the right one (for me).

And that also made me think that I need to get hold of some boxes this weekend and start packing stuff up so I can swap over to the new bookcases. That may mean that I'm living surrounded by boxes for a period of time. But which is worse... being surrounded by boxes but having some direction or to slowly be inundated by possessions?

Urgh... can I just like press pause on the universe for about a week and sort crap out?

Is it a good thing when you update your resume and you reduce the number of pages? I managed to fit that in earlier this week, and went from three pages to two... partly because I culled out some of the details around jobs from five years ago, which is about the last time that I updated my resume. I also worked out that I've been back in The Nut House for about five years... not bad for a temp assignment that's pretty much been extended six months at a time.

Now... to open another beverage or not? Decisions, decisions...

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