photo friday: lego mechs

sydney brick show - underwater mechsydney brick show - firefighting mech

sydney brick show - construction mechsydney brick show - soldier mech
It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week...

I got a little wound up and may have lost a little too much of my cool on Tuesday, got overly emotional on Wednesday morning followed by a day long meeting that was actually more interesting than I was expecting and I ended up feeling pretty energised even though it was a nine hour day, and it was nicely rounded off when I picked up the James Dean toy soldier artwork I commissioned a few weeks ago... and it's so damn gorgeous. The energy level continued over the second day of the meeting until it wrapped up at lunchtime on Thursday and then I kinda crashed and lost all my energy. But I got a little inspired when I got home and found the Powerpig instant camera Lego set in my letterbox... so of course I had to put it together right away.

Then Thursday night I had a haircut with Tink which was incredibly laid back and cruisy and resulted not only in short perfectly coloured hair but us sitting around on the couch talking about a bit of everything while my hair "cooked".

And today was a nice quiet day that finally gave me an opportunity to put some work in on my job application that's probably going to need to become a more urgent priority in the next couple of weeks.

Which is both awesome and vaguely terrifiying... at the moment I'm just writing a bunch of stuff that addresses various bits of the criteria as they come to me and I'll work out how the hell to string them together later.

All of which has left me a little bit deflated and ready for the weekend.

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