adam hills: happyism

adam hills: happyism
I have a headache from laughing too much...

The last time I really remember that happening at a comedy show was back in 2009, but tonight it was all due to Adam Hills and his Happyism show.

I'd seen the previous shows Characterful,  Joymonger and Inflatable when they aired on the ABC and then went out and bought the DVDs... and I knew that the next time he came to town I had to get tickets.

It was so completely worth it!

Firstly there is something that always strikes me as joyful about Hills comedy... even when he's getting fired up about something or touching on a controversial topic, it just seems like he's happy to be up there on stage.

Or, in the case of tonight, running around the audience, taking photos with people, being given presents, hitting on ladies of a certain age in the audience, making Americans sing their national anthem, giving out Fruchocs, getting the people with the worst seats in the house to come down and take a seat in one of the balcony boxes... all while his poor Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreter stood on stage translating all his antics for the fairly sizeable deaf section of the audience.

Actually the two of them have great chemistry together... not really surprising since I'm pretty sure she's been working with him for at least six years.

And I don't know if it's just because he was back in Adelaide, but there was definitely an exuberance about his show tonight... which is what led to the aforementioned crowd interactions.

There's always a point towards the end of his shows where he gets to the heart of whatever it is that his show is about... and often there's something touching or moving about that particular story and I've gotten a little teary... Happyism is no different. And I won't spoil it completely, but it's when he started to talk about the guy on the bike... it's a beautiful image.

All in all it was a fantastic show and a brilliant night out.

Just remember... if you get the opportunity, don't be a dick... instead, touch the fucking frog!

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