grey and rainy saturday shopping

trolleys and boys
It's been one dark grey day today...

Although that really hasn't affected very much of what we did.

It all started out in the usual manner, with me straightening up the house, followed by heading off to the supermarket with Ma.

There was no general weirdness with Produce Guy, which is good... although he never bothered to respond to the message I sent him last week, so that particular ship has undoubtedly sailed... which is fine.

We did the usual supermarketry, although I'd intended to go into Target to look for some casual shoes (ones that I can slip on and off easily for when I can't be bothered), but we totally forgot.

It did mean we got back to my place nice and early though...

Given that I hadn't done the shoe shopping thing earlier, we decided to head into the city. And because we didn't bother bringing an umbrella with us it led to some strangeness.

We headed down to Target to check out their shoe options, and I found some cool black checked shoes that fit the bill of what I was looking for (at least until I see something else that looks better). But as we were leaving it started to rain pretty heavily, so Ma bought a slightly girly looking animal print umbrella.

It wasn't quite large enough so we wandered back up the Mall to see what else we could find in the umbrella oeuvre.

In one of the little newsagents in one of the arcades we found a number of the clear plastic kind of umbrella. I've always loved those... so we picked up one of those, with the intention of Ma hanging onto it. But I liked it so much we headed off to find another one.

And they had some at the newsagent downstairs in the Myer Centre... so now I'm the proud owner of my own transparent umbrella.

But it was a little weird that we ended up buying three umbrellas in the space of a walk down the Mall.

After that we were pretty much done in the city, so we headed out to 6 Hands Studio in West Croydon.

When we were at the Jam Factory open day last weekend the potter we spent some time watching told us that she was having an open day at the studio she shares with two other artists. So we figured it was at least worth a quick look.

Funnily enough, when we got there she was standing right outside the studio and remembered us from last weekend. Which isn't surprisingly really since we stood around watching her for at least an hour and chatted with her a whole bunch.

She showed us around the small studio and talked to us about some of their work before some other people who she knew showed up and she went to talk to them. So we ended up talking to one of the other artists (the third one wasn't there) which was interesting.

So we chatted for a while, then went and took a look through the table of "seconds" they were selling cheaply. Ma picked out a few things, but I found this really nice bowl with an indent on one side... and as soon as I picked it up it fit into my hand perfectly and I had to have it. And it only cost me $10, which was awesome.

And that was pretty much our day.

Simple, pretty grey and wet, but still good. Next week is going to be a whole other thing since it'll be Ma's birthday weekend.

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