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I've been intending to do a mash up of two of the Wee Little Stitches patterns for Ma for a while... I've had the two patterns, one of the three modern Doctor Whos and another of all the modern companions (well, except for Captain Jack Harkness, which is a little disappointing) sitting on my desktop since before Christmas, but I just never got around to it.

Then, with about three weeks to go before Ma's birthday, I suddenly got inspired and went and bought a bunch of new embroidery cotton, hacked the two patterns the way that I wanted them (just the Tenth Doctor and his companions) and went to town.

outlining the tardisi realised after i was done that it's missing the black police box strip at the top
In some ways, now that I'm finished I want to go back to the beginning and start again... I feel like it took me a while to get back into my groove

I really should have bought some coloured fabric rather than using the stuff I already had... especially when it came to Donna Noble's wedding dress... I may still go back and outline the dress just to give it more definition.

And I screwed up a few bits and pieces... the Doctor's arms and waist are a row too short, which meant I had to make his legs a row too long to compensate... and some of my stitching could be better, especially on the back.

Plus I think I put the text way too far down...

adding in the quotethree companions and river's floating head
I did make some tweaks to the pattern beyond the initial mash-up... for example, the Tenth Doctor's tie with that suit and a white shirt was always red whereas the pattern had it as blue... and it gave him black and white Converse instead of red and white.

I'm not sure how spot on the version of Rose Tyler is... I'm not completely sure which outfit it's trying to replicate... but the other three are pretty spot on, even if Donna is a little obvious.

the finished piece
The finished version doesn't look too bad overall... yes, it definitely needs ironing, but I think it'll be a nice surprise for Ma.

I may also need to check out more of the Wee Little Stitches patterns...

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