photo friday: lacking in ruth and balls

lego sports - boys without ballslego sports - boys without balls

The downside with all the Lego sports people is that none of them have any balls... you know, soccer balls or baseballs.

I had to go through and count out a lot of my coins this week... I went to put some new coins away and realised that I no longer had room in three of the four containers. So I spent a good chunk of the evening counting coins, putting them into piles and sticking them all in little bags.

I ended up with $1100... mostly in $1 and $2 coins. And I probably could have kept going but I ran out of little bags.

So that's pretty much the money to pay for the Sydney trip in April. We just need to actually book something now.

Or alternatively it covers a number of previous art purchases, including the two new pieces I bought at Espionage's second anniversary exhibition. Yes, I know... I have no room, blah blah blah... I'm kind of getting to that point where I want to go through everything I own and seriously downsize a lot of the pointless crap I own.

Part of the problem is something I've only really noticed lately, and that's that once I put something down somewhere it generally stays in that spot unless it has a permanent home somewhere else, in which case it will eventually find it's way back there. But otherwise it just stays.

That's why my old teevee stand has turned into a coffee table and why the tubs of Lego bricks Ma brought down probably a year ago and still sitting between the kitchen door and the fridge and why I still have the painted milk crate that the second dumpster I bought came in.

I need to be ruthless.

Now does anyone know how one gets rid of "ruth" because clearly I have too much of it presently.

I wandered into Myer at some point this week only to find that they've moved everything (particularly the toy department) off the top floor due to "refurbishments"... and once I found said toy department the same guy was there who has been there scoping out the Lego the previous two times I've been there.

It's officially weird now. Neither of is actually stalking the other, but it's starting to look like we are.

But as I wandered out through the book department I noticed they had the updated version of The Lego Book which I've been thinking about getting for a while now... and all books were 35% off. So now I have the book.

Yes, I know... I need much less ruth.

I also spoke to Gary at the Espionage exhibition about commissioning him to to a custom Kidrobot Foomi that Ma has had sitting in the box at her place since our Melbourne trip last year. So that'll be interesting. I haven't actually commissioned anything before.

And I heard some interesting news on the social media grapevine this evening... Burger Theory is opening another restaurant in the new building just off Rundle Street on Union Street. Which, if it's where I think it's going to be, will be perfect symmetry since that location is the place where they used to park their van.

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