photo friday: the first short week

lego mad scientist mixes up a batch of something green and glowinglego hazmat guy has to clean up the results
I'm not sure how I feel about this whole "Friday that feels like Wednesday" thing... of course it's better than a Wednesday that feels like Friday. And I guess it's better to go back to work for three days and then have a weekend off before hitting a whole week of work. Although potentially next year I might just take the two extra days.

For a very short week (Monday and Tuesday don't count as I've already blogged about those days), it's been something of a surprising one...

On Wednesday I got a text message out of the blue from J saying that he and the new boyfriend were in my neighbourhood and asking if I'd like to have dinner...

Granted this was at about 1pm and I didn't get home until almost 5, but they just hung out at the café near my place all afternoon. It was nice to see J again, I thought it was only a year since I saw him, but when I looked through the blog it's actually turns out that it was a couple of years... how time flies and all that.

He and the previous boyfriend moved to Melbourne at the end of 2010 then they broke up about six months ago and he's been seeing this new guy for the last four months.

I know I say this every time, but the boyfriend seems nice... actually more mature and more of a fully formed person this time around which is nice. Also a strawberry blonde/redhead, which I didn't think was J's type... but they're quite cute together (it's probably still the honeymoon period, but even so).

After we hung out for a while and talked a lot of random crap, caught up with the last however much amount of time's worth of gossip and then headed down to Beyond India for dinner. While it's my favourite Indian restaurant, I haven't been in a really long while... but it proved once again why it's my favourite Indian restaurant.

Once we finished dinner we went for a wander down O'Connell Street and got some very disappointing ice-cream from Dairy Bell.

So that was completely unexpected but very pleasant.

Then yesterday at lunch I took a detour up to Myer's toy department partly to take another look at some large Lego brick storage containers I saw before Christmas, but also to see what, if anything, they had in the way of Christmas decorations on sale, and to check out the Lego minifigure situation.

And I was completely surprised to see that they had the new silver boxes full of the Series 9 minifigures... woohoo! And doubly exciting since the first half dozen or so that I picked up were all unique, and mostly easy to identify.

Part way through feeling up the entire contents of the box I suddenly realised that there was a second, almost identical rustling coming from behind me... turned out there was a guy (younger than me, although I think he was in his thirties) going through a second box on the table behind me. Which just made me smile.

After I'd gone through most of the box (I think) I really couldn't remember what I did and didn't have, so I figured that I would call it a day, work out what I was missing and come back later for the rest.

I spoke to the guy very briefly as I was leaving, and then when I realised that there were a couple of boxes over by the counter, I went back after I'd paid for my stuff and mentioned it to him.

Then today I went back again to find the four figures I was still missing (I didn't have a single double amongst the twelve I bought), as well as a couple of extras (one for my desk at work, and one for someone I work with)... and as soon as I walked into the toy department I saw the same guy back again. Clearly he hadn't been able to find all of them yesterday either... but this time I left him to those two boxes and went through the two boxes by the counter instead.

As always, there was one figure that was really, really, really hard to find. Although thinking back on it now I may have come across it multiple times but as there were two other figures that had very similar pieces, I may have assumed that they were the wrong one and put them back.

Before I was done the other AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) came over to the counter with the ones that he'd missed out on the day before and we had a very brief chat again... before he went on his way. That did happen once before, but with a woman who was looking for them for her daughter and it was a long time between meetings, and both times it was amusing and a little bit odd.

Also, I swear he was gay... although I couldn't say for certain.

And interestingly, usually we're amongst the last to get the minifigures, but this time around not only have we gotten them before the US (according to the woman behind the counter in Myer today) but both the iPhone app and the minifigure website where you can check off the ones you have haven't been updated yet. So woohoo Australia... or possibly just woohoo Myer...

I also bought some more A4 pieces of coloured cardboard to use as minifigure photo backgrounds like the ones in this post... so I'll probably go through all the new series (and probably revisit the older ones again) and take some new photos.

The final slightly surprising thing was a guy I've hooked up with in the past (who has a very specific set of things he likes) messaged me to say hello and chat (I think I'd checked out one of his online profiles somewhere, although I wasn't completely sure it was him) on Tuesday night.

While I've had fun with him in the past, as I said, he has very specific tastes... which can be fun, but when those things exclude stuff that would serve my purposes as well, I'm not quite so willing to be indulgent. And because I was kind of past the point of caring when he messaged me, and I knew he was going to suggest getting together, I laid it out on the line "I could do this, but you would need to do either this or this or this"... fully expecting to get an "oh well, that's a shame" reply.

What I got instead was a "well that's something to consider" reply... which was interesting... and then he made an offer that was quite appealing.

Although we still haven't managed to arrange anything... when he first messaged me he pulled the "I have a friend coming over to get something" trick which I think he's done before, but I let that one slide. Then Wednesday he messaged me again, but I'd just had dinner with J and his boyfriend, so I wasn't in the mood... and last night he messaged me for a third time but it was too damn hot for anything, let alone sex.

So, yeah... I don't know what particularly has propelled him back into my life, but we'll have to see if anything comes of it once the weather settles down. And whether that works for both of us once we do. It is always interesting when someone goes from "I don't do that" to "I could do that" though... which I'm fine with when I'm not the one saying it.

I also got my 1:Face watch in the mail on Tuesday... it's a pretty watch, but and chunky and reflective... although slightly less scarlet than I was expecting. On the down side there were no instructions about setting the time and what all the buttons do, so while I've been able to set it (thanks to people other than the company who makes them) I still don't know what two of the four buttons actually do.

I'm pretty much trying to avoid mentioning the heat too much... I am glad that I was able to go to work and enjoy the climate controlledness of my workplace, but I was pretty much overheated from the moment I left work yesterday until I got back into work this morning... and this afternoon was an order of magnitude worse again. I was tossing up whether or not to walk home or take the bus given the heat, but my body kind of decided for me when I set off walking... after I left the relative shade of the city I did pull my umbrella out of my bag to provide my head with some shade. I'm sure I looked slightly ridiculous, but I really didn't give a shit. And it did help.

The heat is supposed to dip sometime this evening (it's kind of started now, although not by much) and be slightly less severe (although still working towards the good old definition of a heatwave) next week.

I swear, if I had air-conditioning I wouldn't even care... the weather could be as horrible as it liked outside so long as I was sitting in chilled comfort inside.

But as they say, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

I also decided, partly through inactivity, not to do the January edition of Photo A Day... I did get a little itchy given that I hadn't actually taken any photos since New Years Eve, but then when I looked at the prompts for the days that I'd missed, there really wasn't anything that was sparking my creativity.

I did order the Photo A Day calendar from Printstagram though... it was a lot more expensive than a regular page-a-day calendar but it's a year's worth of my photos (not all of them are from my Photo-A-Day shots though, and they get printed randomly, so it'll always be a surprise) that I can probably do things with afterwards if I want to.

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