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drink that soda baby
This week's Saturday shopping adventures were fairly brief and to the point... but we got all of the things that we were looking for which is always good.

I think we may also have been a little earlier generally all morning as well, as there didn't seem to be as many people around.

The usual supermarket stuff was all pretty painless... I think I buy more stuff when the weather is going to be reasonable. Which makes sense, I never want to cook anything when it's hot.

And it didn't take all that long for some reason, so by the time we came back here, I unpacked everything and cleared out the fridge a little and then we headed into the city it was still pretty early (9:30 or so I think).

Because of that town was pretty empty... which is how we like it.

All I really needed to do was show Ma the pretty (and cheap) gift boxes in Target, take another look at the Lego storage containers in Myer (expensive, but pretty) and get some better cord to string my pewter Lego minifigure pendant.

I totally made the right choice in replacing the cord I bought yesterday since I was able to make it adjustable by doing one of those double knot things that slide.

We managed to knock all of that off reasonably easily, and while I didn't buy one of the storage boxes (I think I'm going to soon though), everything else was really easily acquired. Plus I also bought one of those coloured knives in Target because some of mine are looking a little the worse for wear.

It was a bit of a pain having to carry around the very large boxes the whole time in one of those horrible plastic bags that Target uses, but I coped.

Once we were done with the city we headed down to Arndale to see if the Optus Shop had one of the white/grey Melt iPhone cases... I could have bought one online for Ma, but I figured if Optus had one (and that's the only store we've ever seen them in) it would save on the postage costs.

Which they did... along with a couple of other things Ma wanted... then we sat down to have a beverage and watch the passing parade of bogan before heading back to my place. And by the time we got back here it was only about 12:30 or so...

And that was that really...

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