lifescouts: picnic

My fourth Lifescouts badge...

lifescouts: picnic

Picnics are something I've done on and off forever.

When I was a kid we always used to take a picnic lunch with us when we went down to the beach (I'm assuming because it was much cheaper than the alternative), and for some reason there was a period of time where Ma and I had picnics regularly by the University Bridge on the banks of the Torrens.

But I think this whole Lifescouts thing is going to trigger off some odd old memories for certain badges, and once I started thinking about picnics I not only remembered the picnics above but also going to Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens with Raury and Sheba a whole bunch of times.

For a while there Sheba and I took it in turns to out-do each other with fancy pinic ingredients which led to both the previous blogged about Obscene Tiny Teddies Incident (and for the record, the missing Obsene Teddy was Masturbation Bear) but also the introduction of Loungeroom Carpet Cinema.

And Loungeroom Carpet Cinema was pretty much all about the Floor Picnic. Sheba and I had been doing floor picnics at each other's houses for ages and ages (mostly, I think, because neither of us owned a dining table at the time).

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