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ghost patrol and be friendlylego: surely this is better sexy space hair

It has been, as AA Milne might have suggested, A Very Dull Week.

So dull in fact that I can't actually think of anything interesting that happened between last Saturday and yesterday....

And my calendar is completely blank too... clearly nothing actually happened (or nothing that I didn't already blog about anyway).

Although I've been trying for the last couple of weeks to put a particular blog post together, but every time I try and write it it just comes out a little... wrong. Or possibly pointless, I'm not sure. So after trying again to produce something decent this week, I think that might just get filed in the "Never going to see the light of day" file.

Shame, because I kind of had an interesting point to make, I just could never properly wrap words around it.

The only actually interesting thing this week was going to see Tink to get my hair done last night. It was also good because yesterday was very, very hot (thankfully it cooled down overnight), and Tink has aircon... so bonus right there.

It's only been about a month since I last had my hair done, but given that I'll be having a haircut just before all of the Fringe Adventures start, and then again just before my birthday, those are only a month apart, so it made sense to slot one in around the same time in January too.

I think it has meant that nobody has really noticed that I've had a haircut, which is fine... because it also means that I don't get into that "arrrggggghhh my hair is fucked" stage I usually fall into right before I have a haircut.

Once again I really didn't pay attention to the haircut portion of the evening... I know Tink is going to give me the same thing every time and I don't need to go into any kind of detail unless I want to alter some part of the process. However that wasn't the case this time, so I just let Tink do her thing.

And we chatted about our respective New Years (actually more so than we talked about Christmas, which I kind of found interesting) and a few other bits and pieces but we actually ended up chatting about Lego for most of the time that my hair was "cooking". That’s one of the reasons I really, really like having Tink as my hairdresser (and to a lesser degree, as my friend)... we can talk about Lego or cooking shows or superhero movies or transsexuals or pretty much anything in-between and the conversation is never boring. I think the fact that we're a similarish age helps, but I think we also have very similar taste in a bunch of stuff.

As usual, even after my hair was all finished, we still ended up standing around talking for a good long while (somewhat foolishly we were standing around in the kitchen where there was no airconditioning turned on instead of being in the dining room/hairdressing room which was nice and cold.

But even so it was a very pleasant evening.

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